Ok this Stihl 026 professional-grade. Chainsaw very very nice saw as you can. See here it does have the screw all caps. Of fuel in all caps some people like. This one has a 20 inch bar Stihl 026 that runs. It's old but still love it and it's just. They're wonderful we paid i think. Hundred and seventy five dollars for. This one and it has just been great so. Thank you for watching just want to add. That thank you

stihl 026

Stihl 026 Introduction

Hello shop talk like that popular steel. Stihl 026 chainsaw that's at 48.1 cc motor very. Popular firewood cutting people running.

  • This one features a 20-inch rocket knows.
  • Creates a 50-page bar chain that the.
  • Chisel bit chains skip two sequence very.
  • Fast cutting chain get up-close take a.

Look at some of the features on this saw. Got the master control right here that's. Controls the off/on choke and high idle. And up one notch is just a high idle and. When you get your trigger your little.

Stihl 026 noise it goes to an idol that the. Operator presence right here this little. Lever to keep that trigger from. Operating if you're not in control of. There's a footpad right here and hand. This is for starting it on the ground. Which you should put your foot on here. And get ahold of that handle right here. Put down here and then you've got. Control of it and start to chainsaw got. The side load on the bar chain oil and. The gas in your gas mix load and.

How to buy Stihl 026?

Overhears the Stihl 026 load the falling spike. Right here at that quiet tone muffler. And the adjust for the partitions right. There between the two nuts there. Listen to bar nuts up right in the. Center there is your adjuster real. This is one of those saws it has the. Adjustable carburetor your high and low. Low here and your high-speed here and. Then the idol down below fully. Adjustable carburetor and we'll go. Outside make up with this saw

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