Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Amy's corner something a Snap On Solus Ultra. Little different today are actually it's a it's tonight and I'm here in my. You can tell by the the wonderful wallpaper. Yeah whatever I figured we do this little video because I've got the new. The new shop gadget here the boss decided it was time to upgrade our old. Snap-on scanner and he got the Solus ultra so far I've only use this about it. About two days now i'm still kinda learning the menus learn how to use Snap On Solus Ultra.

snap on solus ultra

And there are some things I really like about Snap On Solus Ultra. They really are there's a couple things i can see that I'm I don't really care. For with it but you know that's the way everything is nowadays take a little. Ya got the I got the cable right there. I got it out just so it's not in the way that would connect up right here. One thing I really like about this if anybody knows the old snap-on scanners. The obd2 plug here would have a slot for keys and would happen little Snap On Solus Ultra.

Snap On Solus Ultra Introduction

Like little little computer chips you have to to get in with the plug-in going. To figure out which key Snap On Solus Ultra wanted to have to unplug it put the key in put it. Back up there and there was a big ball of keys hanging off the plug. So when this is under the dash and you're trying to do like live data on a. Road test you'd kick it would fall off the you are driving around trying to fix. A car you just fighting with the plug and they've definitely changed that I. Like that it has a little light in it so you know it's active another thing I put.

The little focus Snap On Solus Ultra. Well as a fuse seven-and-a-half and fuse in there but that's nice that's nice. Nice little upgrade from the the keys not having to deal with that anymore any. Of my texts friends I've had to deal with it will know exactly what I'm. Yeah that plugs in there we got some some serial port stuff. Either the charge plug here the charge plug over here this is like a mini SD. Card I haven't really figured out what you want to do with that yet like i said.

  • I'm still trying to figure this tool out i got to take some training courses on. It there's some online courses i'm going to be taken in the near future so i can. Hey hey buddy kitty you want to cut it out. Cats love him or hate him and then like all scanners are most good scanners they. Have the little kickstand on them that comes up. Ya back nice handholds feels good in your hand feel solid I wouldn't want to.
  • Be dropping it but it feels pretty rugged we've gotta we gotta skin coming. That's going to cover some of the buttons and all that. Yeah looks like the battery goes in there. Replaceable not like an apple product. Yeah the kickstand down and it's pretty easy to do that with one hand Snap On Solus Ultra. Tell that they were thinking about you know a guy is going to be having the. Cable in the other hand maybe some tools and whatever we have a seat belt and.
  • What this thing can do here at my Snap On Solus Ultra. Like i said i don't have the cable hooked up I don't have it hooked up to a. Car so we're not going to be able to really do any graphing or any of that. This is more just a kind of a first impression video of it so the power it. Up and see how this this records there with me figure this ou now love to know. It's going to kind of be tough too tough to really do anything without being able.
  • To focus on this figured my recording device would be able to handle this but. Up anyway we gotta the first one is scanner obd2 oeob d one thing I really. Really like really wish we can see it is a a previous vehicle icon so I say you. You're working on a car and you are. A program what engine what year what make what model what trim and it might. Ask some other questions about it so it has this previous vehicle button. Yeah this just isn't going to work. What a bummer what a bummer i really want to be able to go through some of.

These menus but Snap On Solus Ultra looks like this i'm filming here with an ipad so i thought. This camera and it could handle this i'll see if i can clean a little bear. No you can see vehicle history you know what we try we try to shut the light off. I want to take you on a tour of my apartment so I'm just going to cover. That the lens for a second but come over here and just uh take a second to flip. This switch will see if this you can pick it up in the dark.

Review Snap On Solus Ultra in 2017

Obviously I can't walk in the dark yeah it's just not gonna work for Snap On Solus Ultra today. Well we step on the cat mean like that then we go want to talk about it I don't. Want to show you any more of it either. This place didn't have a million-dollar view that I there we go. This place didn't have a million-dollar view that wall people would be kicking. Me right out of here now we go ahead and shut it off you know another thing is a. Is a touchscreen seems like everything's touchscreens power of thought I told us.

All right so it's a it's a lot faster then then our last scanner or Snap On Solus Ultra. Much any scanner I've used I've worked for mazda and all of them. And the scanners we used would take awhile to get into the car but so far. You got the the previous vehicle icon and i'm not sure how many it saves but I. It's enough it only needs to really save five or six because I there's a three. Other guys for other guys in the shop that would be using this and when.

Someone needs it they'll grab Snap On Solus Ultra from you the program their car into it and. With the older skin is you have to start from scratch what engine and yadda-yadda. Another thing this has a really wish i could navigate the menus for you is it. Has a nam a back button and home button our last scanner when you want to go. Back to put a different car and it was quicker to just power the thing down. Then it would be to to try to navigate out of the menus here it has one button.

How to buy Snap On Solus Ultra?

Brings you right back to the to the main vehicle select all that may not all be Snap On Solus Ultra. & and scanner and furious vehicles screen which is which is really good. Because when you when you get a you know seven or eight cars you got to get out. The door in the day being held up 15 minutes just programming a scanner for. The second time on the same car can really aggravate you. So I really like this this will just like I said just a quick video of what.

What my feelings are right now Allah a figure out a way to record the Snap On Solus Ultra. I can take you guys through the menus and all that maybe get some more. You know someone thinking on x + 1 have little more opinion once i get to use it. Some more but I initial impressions are I really really like it. It looks like they had asked technicians what they thought of this tool and the. Stuff that I said I would have done this different to myself when I working on.

  1. Cars that seems to be addressed with the scanner so we'll get some other Snap On Solus Ultra. Up and I la figure ways to give a good video with this if anybody has any. Questions about it wants me to figure something out on it and and get back to. Them just leave a comment down below I answer all my comments. You know if anybody wants to to ask me something about this or how to use it or. If anybody wants to bring their car by too much to the shop i work at i will. Have no problem we'll plug this right in and and we'll see what's going on with.
  2. The vehicle so yeah until next time keep it out of the cabbage
  3. Snap-on Training Solutions helps you get the most out of your SOLUS Ultra diagnostic tool.. This training module covers the basic setup and controls.. Before operating or maintaining SOLUS Ultra, read the safety instructions and user manual. Carefully paying extra attention to the safety warnings and precautions.. To install the battery pack, pull the folding stand away from the back of the Snap On Solus Ultra.. Loosen the two screws that retain the battery compartment cover, then lift the bottom edge. The top of the cover is hinged and will remain connected to the. Align the tabs on the sides of the battery. Compartment with the slots on the new battery, then slide the battery to the right to lock. Close the battery cover on the housing and. Snug up the screws to hold the cover in place. Indicators and connectors are on the top panel. The power indicator illuminates when power. The power supply port is used to connect the.
  4. AC/DC power supply. Use only the correct AC adapter provided with the SOLUS Ultra.. The micro SD card port holds the micro SD card that contains the SOLUS Ultra software.. The USB Client Port is used to connect SOLUS Ultra to a personal computer for transferring. And the data cable port is for the scanner. To power up the SOLUS Ultra, press the power. SOLUS Ultra automatically powers up and opens to the home screen whenever it is.

Connected to a vehicle or the AC power adapter. SOLUS Ultra will boot up to the home screen. All operation of SOLUS Ultra can be performed using the touch screen. The keypad contains a four-way key pad for. Up-down and left-right navigation. Pressing the Yes button selects a menu or. Program, or confirms a selection. Pressing the No button exits a menu or returns. The shortcut "S" button can be programmed.

To perform a variety of common tasks. To assign a function to the Shortcut key,. Select the Snap On Solus Ultra icon from the Home screen. Select Configure Shortcut Key and choose a. Select the No button to return to the tools menu.. Choices for the shortcut key function include screen brightness, save screen image, save. Data movie, toggle record and pause, and show shortcut menu to select from any of these. Snap-on is dedicated to helping you get the.

Most out of your Snap On Solus Ultra tool and keep your customers happy. The next module in this Training Solutions series. And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube. Channel, so you don't miss the next great product from Snap-on.

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