Snap on Mg725 is a powerful air powered impact wrench that offers 1,190 ft. lb. force which one can use when working on fasteners such as nuts and bolts. This high power makes this wrench attractive for personal and industrial users because it has enough torque to loosen even the tightest joints in fasteners. It also offers enough force to safely fasten bolts and nuts in different parts of machinery, the most common ones being car tire change and fastening engine parts. This tool offers the user efficiency as a utility tool by providing a constant torque even in conditions wheere the air supply is low. This applience has an unmatched power which is consoildated at the anvil to provide enough torque to when fastening bolts, nuts and other fasteners.

snap on mg725

The benefits of Snap On MG725

  • Snap on Mg725 also offers the customer three types of anvils: a standard, a pinned and a throught-hole anvil. The uses of these three anvils varies according to the customers working conditions and requirements.
  • The standard anvil allows a rapid socket change, it however poses a high risk of socket damage due to its low socket security feature that comes with its feature that allow  a fast socket change.
  • The pinned anvil on the other hand has more socket security unlike the standard anvil, it however provides the user a less frequency of changing the sockets and would be disadvantage to a user whose work requires rapid socket change an example being a pit stop in a moto GP race.
  • Lastly the through-hole avil provides optimum socket security because this feature provides an interface that allows the joint to be firm and staady. It has a high socket security and a slower socket change and just like the former, its use is dependents on the consumers working requirements and safety regulations.
  • On safety, this product has a think fully insulated cord that protects the user form its standard voltage of 240.

How to choose Snap On MG725?

Besides this, the Snap on Mg725 has an anvil stop feature whose purpose is to provide socket safety by preventing sockets from flying off, therefore ensuring user safety. Its plastic one piece housing also provides insulation for the user and also lasts long because of its toughtness and durability. This appliance has a special grip cushion that absorbs the shock and vibrations that is usually felt during operations, this therefore means that the user has the ability to work comfortably even under a lot of stress without feeling the impact of vibrations. Moreover this feature reduces power loss during woking because the force is channeled constantly to the point of impact without interruptions that are usually caused by vibrations.

The Snap on Mg725 also has a simple knob at the rear that allows the user to change the direction of movement with ease. This knob is also shielded a threshold also provide a wide surface area that allows the user to press against for maximum performance. The Spap on Mg725 is simply a hard-working beast in the workshop that offers you a smooth combination of safety, powe and efficiency. It does what a machine does best-marking work easier

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