Hello and today i will be reviewing some of these cool little rubber snake toy what. I got here is I got one that is a rock python I think. Yeah rock python and I have a yeah and i have a on a chain king snake your can. Zoom in on this. So you don't quite a bit texture on them see the king snake or a detailed got the. Eyes and everything even as like the underside of snake toy there and they're. Actually pretty textured if you feel it feels smooth yet. Yeah like sneaky it feels like a snake toy actually this one's a little more rough.

snake toy

Oh and it has a different shaped head because it's a snake and focus on a. Focus on work. My auto focus you can do it right there and he's got a little mouse create cool. That's about it for this video I'll see you all later and goodbye have have the. Day and it. You might consider subscribing if you like the video maybe even like they're. Commenting. I'll see you guys later and good but

Snake Toy Introduction

Hi and i'm going to be doing it were you on the type of snake toy in front but. There's snakes and i have five of them. This one's name is hot chocolate here is human aid that here is slushy here is. Smoothie and green tea. Ok this is going to be a review about so i'll just pick out and this is going to. Be in my tummy. So anyway still review i think they're called who is because you can basically. Do anything with him but you can't let them call off and stuff like that. But it just it just overall fun to play and if you have multiple snake toy like me.

Then be fun to play around with because like yeah because you can play around. And I like making I don't know. Have they may have a party everyone need to sneak party everyone. Yeah. And also be careful of here is some hissing of the night

  • Hello guys I'm at today I got another new snake toy that from toy story so I'm hey. I'm here to make a review with my new toy. So my new toy is the snake from toy story. So the snake and the robot from the toy story. So now I saw the snake from Toy Story one. The so this snake toy it has the test seller tapes all over him and his now and I'm. His tongue is made by paper and been a very good artist and so I'm very happy. With the snake. So could i should i keep this or former collection and I haven't got a robot yet.
  • So his eyes already. The black car and and then become a blower midgets the different colors even. For he also it's already black. So I'm very happy. So with this is a snake so I hope you enjoyed this review and i'll see you. Again. Take care
  • It's really shallow again and I survived the rattle snake toy attack and here's the. Review this is the reference made from the same company which actually makes. These bugs and cool rolling robots. Well this one is everything is good i like it looks the colors the way it. Moves and if you put it in the bushes somewhere or let it roll around your. House i am sure this is gonna scare the shit out of your girlfriends or wives or. Your friends and actually as well when i took this thing out of box I was.
  • Actually hoping that I was scared morning because she was working inside. The house. I mean in my office on the computer and I was like I'll put the batteries in and. Qualities and shoot and and see what happened when she falls off the chip. Unfortunately she comes out and she saw me taking this make out and she freaked. Out she since moved the hell is that she didn't want to come closer to me she's. Really really scared of snake toy. Anyway this is mecom pretty simple just like this very nice the tongue actually.
  • Moves in and out you can see you can see that time to move in and out basically. The remote control here this is for your right a right turn this is for your left. Hand so you can actually mix up your left and right left and right to. Actually make him crawl in s shape or you can just push this button where it. Actually drives itself in an aspect Ron more like a circular s pattern using. This and you can cancel that circular is patron moving are crawling using any of.

These buttons. Basically it's a neat little tour you can see the length is actually good as. Well so not very long but good enough and there's little. GTG in this for my arch to actually enjoy later when he's not afraid of it. Under it you can see there are few wheels in the body and these body pieces. Are actually locked in a simple fashion to each other that they make an s4 move. Basically looks really really realistic from far in your hand and you have an. Off switch here and your wheels move for your left and right movement so you can.

Review Snake Toy in 2017

See this is right for the tongue and this is left or you can do that as human. So you can see it's basically a circular movement. Alright so I you put the battery right inside the had their take for a a. Triple-a size batteries and eats them and drains them really really quickly. And this one takes a 9-volt simple blocky battery which comes inside the. Box as well really need toy. Very nice toy when it moves on the ground it really scares the shit out of.

People if they don't know what it is. So here it is the rattle snake toy from the same company it's called possibly huge. RC or goose RC I have no idea i will find the website and put it on I'm sure. These snake toys are available online on ebay is everywhere but my best favorite toy. Is the little bug and the Rolling robot this one is very very good for scaring. People out enjoy any more reviews are coming

Here guys just looks delicious right. He can go ahead. Yeah what do you have there anymore for you can get a bunny one in from one. Yeah ok mr. Ryan time the world's largest gummy more candy. I don't we can minister to everybody. Yeah who super huge grin. Yeah. There is a friend right into a wall. Whoa you do everything for the whole weekend way was just to eat it and I. Don't know it after you be touching bleep kill Murray. Oh yeah. Happy now no no just checking us out. Here where. Sighs one can oh yeah so small compared to this one.

Do we have a key how many. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. Wow now to bring it all in there. Yeah I don't need to make a fishpond never older. Squishing them sure dick. Let's do it anyone eating carrion. Yeah we got whipped cream. They're up now to be you and you can sprinkle it regularly with go-gurt. I'm gonna be playing in here oh ok my which one you want to try first. Now the mill haha well I'm not scared. What did try snake toy. Ok like nothing. Okay okay I get the middle because dummy want this too sweet.

Ok just a whip. We're going to meet ya at one little taste of milk. Yeah yeah yeahs work wale. It's not go well together try. Check your chicken you know how to use it too much man. Yeah yeah yeahs out around and I just taste just a little bit. - 10. Pick up becoming a warm accepted scream hear that creamy got me warm. Stop live on my they got to meet ya. Right turn. Yeah try hear ya I got ya. You're still have to read your mind.

How to buy Snake Toy?

Yeah you're short a guy tried to be sure and I just tastes like that. I don't start stripping it I like it I like it. Thank you it's not good yeah I my last ride on the big one. My man with big flavors. She was drawn to it now. No sir i'm going to pick an apple get going yeah they want me to try snake toy. Yeah yeah I'm not good. You like it when you get better but like everything right. Like gummy warming anything right yeah I can't even watch this is a good hand. Oh yeah yeah.

The lab but yeah. Do we have yeah this traffic snake toy. One yell rare because it's mixed with chocolate with you or is it a good pic. Right. I get crazy. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Bill now daddy. The one that always look hey you. The question. Oh sorry my way. Pics whoa guys this looks delicious right for each cake looks delicious. Oh yes for can find no just let that go. I don't know try me. Just when we tried a little wind. It's crunchy crunchy thank you. No way you like snake toy.

No way I don't want my mom I don't want to pick me and Natalie and I kick your. Window. Yeah you do. Good haha the war's her head for the map. I can't okay daddy. So our kids look. Haha. You know I feel that their end of the snake toy. Ok to the picky like if they have. Ok now let's try the giant warm. Let's go okay go ahead go try to no good for me too. When we try to becoming a mere child home. I don't try to read your mind like this they'll be like but if you want one. Gummies right please tell me you got me.

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