Slumberjack Sleeping Bag is one of my personal. It's probably one of my oldest most. Affordable and it's a good lender we're. Basing the star on couple reviews. Materials made out of the degrees and. Just a little bit about the the company. Itself those Lumberjacks been around for. Quite awhile they actually have their. Own of polyester fiber that makes call. Number saw it's pretty light durable and.

slumberjack sleeping bag

Like I said it makes it very affordable. For coming to have their own material. They sort of have to keep on buying. Often other companies will get into that. More later so i'll just take it out to. Compress bag pretty basic i still. Recommend you given your own compress. Bag because honestly this is Vegas. Listen I get back up and you're going. Mountaineering you sure definitely want. To go a lot smaller and size and. Definitely wait so this is a good Slumberjack Sleeping Bag. Camerone let's get it out of the bag so.

Slumberjack Sleeping Bag Introduction

As he becomes with them a nice Slumberjack Sleeping Bag. Color they also come in a range and. Other material other colors it is a. Mummy bag so it says something jack and. This is allowed to 29 to 26 be saying is. 420 degrees you see that find the actual. Honestly I know everyone has it as i. I know the definitely more face ones. Have it like a big label planning on the. Side the summer Jack I don't see any. Markings so well and drag the great.

Material is full synthetic is Slumberjack Sleeping Bag. Lightweight it compacts pretty good. It's like a safe ways about IC 4 pounds. Couple ounces at two devastating it. Comes to mountaineering and so they keep. Really keeps everyone its full synthetic. Polyester lining it has a door zipper so. Course you go from the top to the bottom. Of the bottom to the top has an anti zip. Jam don't i don't know exactly how it. Works and of course it has both nylon. Pole pole straps to keep your little bit.

  • Warmer and a little bit stronger Slumberjack Sleeping Bag. Much less one run home i say was wrong. But I bought it it was part of a dollar. But this is about 220 it's part of your. Old 4-series time in buying it so hard. Costs around like 50 bucks maybe 5. Other companies offer a lot cheaper. Overall i really recommend this bag. Mostly one is affordable to is pretty. Lightweight three if it tears rips you. Don't go to get to guilty for not buying. A 0-degree this down that of course.
  • Everyone wants to be standing one should. Have to understand but we're on a Slumberjack Sleeping Bag. Like me every time to camping out back. And talk about all the other material to. Compress bag talking about your. Preserved foods it gets pretty prices so. For the start this summer jack about 220. Degree works great for the beginner. Campers and like I said it's affordable. If you really need to upgrade the future. Is a good no keep all around so thank.
  • Hopefully the Slumberjack Sleeping Bag have more reviews. About more camping permit for the new. All get some sumerduck the great. Products
  • Welcome everyone and this review is. Going to come into parts part one is. Going to be me talking real fast about. Why you haven't seen a video for me this. Channel only has two videos my other. Channel got hacked if you are coming. From that channel thank you for. Following me over here it got hacked all. The videos were deleted also deleted the. Account now if I contact YouTube or. Google if I'm bigger youtuber they'll go. Back in their server records find that. Restore all of it for me but relatively.

To what they have in Slumberjack Sleeping Bag. With some people having like 20 million. Subscribers my 25,000 I think we're. Actually going on twenty-six thousand. Which is really awesome guys thank you. For that was too small for them to care. About so unfortunately i'm going to. No subscribers no views nothing which is. Probably make it pretty hard for me to. Get some gear on usually out of you. Anyone knows but usually get sponsored. With gear to make reviews my reviews are.

Review Slumberjack Sleeping Bag in 2017

Always I always give a true love you too. True review no matter what even if they. Give me the gear if I think it sucks. Unfortunately let you guys know arm but. Let's get to the review real quick this. Slumberjack Sleeping Bag lone pine it's a long. Sleeping bag 0 degree fahrenheit which i. Think- 18 Celsius something like that. Double checking if you're using Celsius. Sorry I'm a stupid American I'm using. Fahrenheit anyway this is a 0-degree. Black it is pathetically filled with a.

Slumberjack Sleeping Bag filling in one thing i would like to. Say about that is it doesn't pack down. Nearly as small is down will if you guys. Have a down sleeping bag you know how. Small it gets and how lightweight it. Gets this stuff I do love it it keeps me. Warm but hey it's not down but it's also. Not nearly the price of down down is. Very expensive if you're going 40 degree. Bag and some of us don't have the money. For that this is kind of a conscientious. People who starting out when I started.

Out I didn't have a lot of money i was a. Teenager didn't have a lot of money to. Spend on this stuff so this bag off of. Amazon not too not too expensive and. Just was a great idea for me so let's. Get started on the first part if you're. Not going right now it's a little rainy. Outside i'm in Colorado whether. Fluctuates I wanted 20 degree Slumberjack Sleeping Bag when  started just like had the ability to go. Out was cold but also the ability to. Take it out in the summer but the.

How to buy Slumberjack Sleeping Bag?

Problem is in the summer. What's gonna happen with zero degree Slumberjack Sleeping Bag. You're gonna get way too hot now. Obviously you can unzip decide on you. Can unzip it about halfway though your. Feet are still going to be covered now a. Lot of the cheaper bag to do not have. This which is why i like this bag it has. The ability to unzip at the foot here. Ok so there's gonna be a mess you can't. Totally stick your feet through up you. Sorry I'm not in the studio with my.

Lighting right now on this right here. Mesh through zippers up if you want to. Be warm not a problem if you want to be. A little cooler around the feet to your. Feet don't start sweating in those hot. Days you'll be just fine as well our. Next this is a left unzip sometimes it's. A little annoying for a right-handed. Person but I don't find it hard to reach. My hand across and unzip it also the. Thing i love about this bag the zipper. Is very good that is very important in a. Slumberjack Sleeping Bag first has this so this is.

  1. Important it's a little piece of velcro. That's all it is but it's very important. I want to tell you why if you don't know. When you're in these bags and you're. Moving around there's not a ton of room. So if you move around you kind of hit. Against this will stop the zipper from. Undoing if you do not have that someone. Zipper get done if you're flipping your. Side or anything away from the zipper. That's gonna be a problem you have to. Turn back to get back up and then try to.
  2. Do it again without unzipping it. Next we're going to talk about the Slumberjack Sleeping Bag. Inside so the inside obviously is going. To be this arm forget exactly which they. Used on this bag but anyway it's a nylon. Guys it's just a nylon it's slick nylon. Up here in the head which I do like they. Make this a fleece that's very nice. Just trust me you want that around your. They also have it is at zero degree bag. So they're going to have this piece here.
  3. That can get pulled talk this will pop. The head right here that will pull it. Tight around your head so you can sit. Down around there and right here that. Will sit around right around your. Shoulders something like that right. Around your neck so if almost zero. Degree days you'll definitely need that. Let me show you inside here real quick. They do have all the stuff it is a. Slumberjack and so let's undo that real. Quick and like I said this is a very.
  4. Easy unzip i can just pull on it it's. Nice i love it but let's look at this. Just to show you what it is I wasn't. Slumberjack Lone Pine hey negative 18i. Was right with the Celsius and it is a. G3 installation if I didn't mention up. For now this right around the zipper. You need this in a sleeping bag I've had. Again some cheap cheap sleeping bags. That have just the nylon going all the. Way to here it'll catch the zipper guys. And then you're gonna rip that open and.

You're gonna problems with your. Installation falling out obviously more. Expensive Slumberjack Sleeping Bag usually always have this. Like I said this is more review for. People who don't have a couple hundred. Bucks to spend on a really nice 0 degree. Sleeping bag that is down and we'll pack. Oh wait of this i just measured it out. On my scale in its stuff sack it does. Come with a stuff sack it measured to I. Think 4.33 pounds which is I believe. Somewhere around two kilograms somebody.

Europe's gonna probably have to correct. Me on that but somewhere around there. 1.95 something like that so relatively. For a down sleeping bag at zero degree. Obviously if you go straight down. Sleeping bag you're gonna you're gonna. Get a better bad guys but if you're in. The like sixty to eighty dollar range. I would go with this one very nice for. The price range especially if you're. Taller guy like me I'm 62 and this Slumberjack Sleeping Bag.

Will fit nicely i mean i'm not going to. Stretch out and point my toes in the end. Of it but you know it's you're not going. To find much longer bags in this in the. Price range for that zero degree so. Thank you for joining me again I'm gonna. Try to get some sponsorship so I can get. Some more gear reviews for you guys it's. Gonna be harder since i can't show the. Youtube views that i have two sponsors. Though because of that hack so what kind. Of see what happens and will hopefully. I'm talking to North base and columbia. As well as a couple other companies are. Not going to name right now about. Getting some some down jackets for the. Upcoming winter here in Colorado and. Also getting a couple soft shells for. Just walking around having that ability. To not get your underlayer wet with. Those soft shell since even right now. It's kind of wet and raining outside so. Thank you for joining me guys subscribe. Well i might disable subscriptions for a.

Little while armed I think that's how we. Got my Slumberjack Sleeping Bag before I had something set. Up weird with subscriptions and I think. That's how the hacker got my information. So not sure on that but leave that leave. A like leave a comment if you want and. Thank you guys for sticking with me. Peace out and again slumberjack lone. Pine it's awesome 0 degree bag if you're. Thank you have a good day guys bye

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