What is up you guys today we're. Reviewing the Rogue Mandolin a archtop. Mantling now the first thing you'll. Notice is the sunburst finish and we. There's also sunburst on the neck you. Can see at capo mean reason for the capo. Well the action is pretty hot here and. Even after grinding the nut intonation. Isn't perfect but you can get pretty. Close to do with the capo composer cheap. Imac recommended Rogue Mandolin i have. A thumb screw type on my 12-string over. There but for short-term you say spring.

rogue mandolin

Still clamped type of work now as Rogue Mandolin . It sounds pretty good for its price. Now intonation stoled it off it's not. There's no visible truss rod in the neck. Which is kind of disappointing but I. Mean the price of these Rogue Mandolins i mean. It's it's easy to have a drop-in. Replacement anyway I mean nice hardware. Overall adjustable bridge too bad smell. Like a tune-o-matic or you can adjust. Each individual set but you can grind.

Rogue Mandolin Introduction

Yeah it's a good it's a great one for. Beginners and i highly recommend it. So you don't see you next time

Okay and hey you two about promised. Another did i do this little quick this. Is a review of my rug be sideways grow. On instruments on Rogue Mandolin I think they. Only make one model this is the actually. RM well I thought it was the model. Number was on there anyway i think they. Only make one this is it does come in. Different flavors i think it comes in. This is a sunburst on these tend to get. A lot of kind of beat up along the. Instruments knobs about arm and I'm not. This professional whatever musician have.

  • Tall played for a long time but always. As obvious on that I want to get a. Little log review kind of them in. Defense of it if you will it's kind of. Hard to maybe see the finish finish is. Great on it there's the back it's really. Nice i don't know durable as I would not. Be too rough with it on the mega-screen. Plated teeners nice little touch on the. Back you can see the gold plated wheels. For the tears on some engraving on the. Tailpiece look so you know looks nice.
  • Raise woodbridge this adjustable on. Rosewood fretboard and that's probably. About it these gave for about 50 or 60. Bucks the guitar center i thinkin it. Even get them at walmart on this one. Actually came with a really not as. And then I keep now my primary Rogue Mandolin. And a couple of instruction books but. The the binding is good see the amount. Here for the pickguard which are made. Just to just taking a little bit more. Projection for I think it kind of prefer.
  • The the pic gardless the mayor look on. It's a bit heavier than my on area maybe. They have to use more wood or something. Because it's a laminate it is a totally. There's there's no real wood on the. Situation other than probably in the. Bridge on the bridge and in the front. Board on it is laminate it does it does. Sound a little bit tinny almost ukulele. Ish especially to get you started up in. Pitch on and it sounds a little dull. Lower probably it sweet spots for the.
  • Internet on the two middle strings on. But for someone like me who was curious. Didn't know if I would involve block. Rogue Mandolin or not I mean 450 box. Come on as long as it's decent and it's. It's more than decent on you're going to. Have to replace the strings so you're. Fifty dollars plus you know five to ten. Bucks for the set of strings strongly. Recommend that you go with light-gauge. Strings on in not even mediums there's. Mediums on here need to put a center. Like eight strings on it on the reason.

Is the arch since this is a laminate. Ever tom is as likely to fail on there's. Just so much tension even with these. Mediums I think that's about a hundred. Eighty pounds attention a lot more. Attention in Qatar and it's all centered. Right there on the hospital and it's. It hasn't yes Rogue Mandolin is i think i got. It over two years again and it probably. Had medium strings on it from the. Factory cheapens on the send a lot. Better these root area strings these are.

Review Rogue Mandolin in 2017

The phosphor bronze really don't care. For these on so i put a lot gauge. Strings on it it should be a little bit. Broader at the dairy has made a big. Difference in it just to know and it's. Probably hard to hear you're watching on. Panting at all but compared to a wood. Instrument or at least a solid wood top. Not terrible on it does cut pretty well. Just project pretty well so played with. A couple other acoustic guitars big.

Party UK Martin's and whatnot you know. Fill the room and Rogue Mandolin will cut through. Course it helps that it's an octave. Higher than they are on that it will cut. Through its I mean it's not that you're. Probably not going to see it on the. Grand Ole Opry or you know ready for. Something like that on but if you're. Curious about is right you don't know if. You lock it or whatever I mean 50 bucks. You can't get wrong on you will need to. Set the intonation of the bridge is.

Adjustable to finding bridge little some. Wheels you need up and down for the. Bridge height on I packed them all the. Way down and then ended up having to. Raise that based on just a little bit. Was going to open up on it if you play. Rogue Mandolin you really need to know. How to do that anyway don't pay a. Luthier to do that that's that's a. Complete waste the money you need to. Know how to change your strength so yeah. There's plenty youtube videos out that. Out there on on both of these but fresh.

How to buy Rogue Mandolin?

Light strings on take a little bit of. Time set your intonation drop your own. Drop your action down one other thing up. There there is seen one of the video. Road review where the on the guy making. And actually replace the knot which is. Plastic with a band not and that's fun. Out of the tools to do that and. On it and I'm not going to spend the day. In learning to come to come out and said. You know I'm sure we'll make it sound a. Bit better but in the end I mean it's a.

Laminate instrument so it's on its. Tambor and town and all that unit is. Going to be limited on the upshot of. That I mean 450 box you if you don't. Like the instrument you set Rogue Mandolin. Intonation and adjusted the action you. Can probably sell it on craigslist and. And get most of your money back on and. If you do lock it in your upgrade then. You have a backup instrument right and. Does it sound locker Kentucky or eastman. Or even lot of area will know but it's.

  1. Also a fraction in a fraction of Rogue Mandolin. Cost of days and it's a lot easier to. Just you bring to you break a string or. Something you pull you pull out the old. Red on you get stolen or stepped on or. On total or something around the house. You're up 50 bucks not 500 so I do for. Either for backup for four and a new. Player on someone curious about the man. Yeah nothing actually the action on this. One is significantly lower than on the. Area then it did actually action pretty.
  2. Pretty good in my opinion so and then. Plus you get the gig bag you know a. Couple books on say yes and it's it's a. Decent get back padded shoulder straps. Carrying handles and all and actually. Use it to travel with not area but yeah. The rare guy was running the model. Number i'll have to put on the videos. A ya round are in 108 is on the little. Manufacturers line made in china of. Course like everything else you can't.
  3. Really find anything made in another. Country now but a good good value for 50. Box strongly recommend so read on get. Really corny sorry
  4. Hello again i'm going to do a slight. Rogue Mandolin review i have been playing for. About a year a good starter Rogue Mandolin. Oh Kentucky's are good yes they are very. Good I bananas are good those are also. Really good but they're a little bit. Pricey for some people and if you're not. Sure you want to stay in Rogue Mandolin. I would recommend the robe you get the. Roads there fifty bucks their actions a. Little bit high but if you really want. You can just take off floating bridge. And saying that down and I might do that.

Soon I haven't done yet and you can get. Your action a lot lower it's a little. Bit high right now and the action on. Madeline is different the guitar because. The strings are a lot more tante. Operator seems louder because there's. Two strings the way that they have two. Strings is to make it a little bit more. Dominant but as a course effect because. They're both tune the same both this. One's both g the highest one is an e.

Second-lowest is an a.d.d G so it's like. A backwards guitar your g chords can be. Like normal guitar g only obviously. They're fun really work out your fingers. And get lots of calluses but probably. Not gonna play right now I'm not really. Warmed up and Rogue Mandolins are fun and i. Would recommend rogue for your starter. They might i don't know if they make. Acoustic-electric these are just. Acoustics have any plugins or settings.

Four pieces of wood. Yeah four pieces of wood there's it's. Not really extremely beautiful but. You're on the street playing it and. Someone's like it's really nice to be. Fifty dollars it still looks really nice. A distance they don't they don't come. With a top strap block so you have to. Put around the neck and headstock or you. Can just throw it in right here really. Recommend that because it's not. Fun i recommend one

Okay so this is the rogue rm100 a style. Mandolin it's about 70 bucks on amazon. And i bought excited to try out a. Mandolin i've been playing guitar for a. Really long time and I kind of got bored. With it so I wanted to try this and it. Was a good price and it looked really. Nice which it is so I bought it it's a. Sunburst color you can see it's got a. Really nice shiny finish all the metal. Pieces like the tuning pegs and the. Action pickguard and everything are. Pretty solid it sounds great super easy.

To play these are the strings that came. On it right out of the box I bought it. About a month ago I've been playing it. Pretty hard for about an hour almost. Every day on the bottom east string like. One of the high E strings just broke. Which is pretty good for strings that. Just you know came on it right out of. The box yeah I would definitely. Recommend it it's a lot of fun and for. Only 70 bucks I mean you can't really. Beat it it feels great quality I mean I. Have you know pretty expensive guitar.

And the you know quality on this. Instrument feels really good Rogue Mandolin doesn't. Feel cheap for you know badly put. Together anything like that and like I. Keep saying and it sounds really good. It's a lot of fun to play so i'll put a. Link below to amazon so you can. Go there and check it out and also i'll. Put a link for this strap that i bought. To go with it strap makes it a lot. Easier to play as you know when you're. Standing up instead of you know just.

Like holding it here or trying to hold. It against you the strap makes it a lot. Easier to play and it's only like ten. Extra dollars so you know you can buy. This if you're feeling bored playing. Guitar or you just want to try something. New it's really easy to play you know. Can make your songs sound a lot. Different and yeah you can really get. That fogey or bluegrass sound that. You're looking for for your music with. This and you know it sounds good on for. A really low price it's definitely great.

If you're I'm just going to use it to. Mess around and play with and have fun I. Also put a link for this tuner I've had. This thing for a really long time and it. Works great for tuning my guitar and the. Rogue Mandolin so thank you

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