I was considering buying that r12 freon. That's and 260 see one of the things that's wrong. The car was the air conditioning system was broken. They hoses had dried up long ago and it lost in charge long story short as I. Ended up not buying that car and went with the 91 grand marquis got rid of. Last year but anyway and ended up buying a can of this its Johnson's freeze r12 freon. Which is an r 12 substitute it's very mild substitute and it says it replaces. Are 12 and little stickers as proper maintenance promotes a better.

r12 freon

Environment but it's got a warning on the bag contains difluoromethyl r12 freon. Methane a substance which harms public health and the environment by destroying. The ozone in the upper atmosphere that's funny that's basically the same warning. You would have on our r12 freon that's what I mean supposedly I've read a couple. Reviews for people of retrofit or 12 systems with this and it seems to work. Just as well but i was wondering if anyone actually has used this and knows. I've also seen a couple people including one or somebody retrofitted a Toyota 134. A system with this and says it's actually colder but i don't know if that. You can just trust that or is it just somebody screwing with you one thing I. Know is you requires a special fitting for your receiver drier low side. Pressure and the high side when you approach her fit the system that comes a. Little kit at the store I got this at a it wasn't an auto parts store rosano.

R12 Freon Introduction

Supply guess you can auto supplier or they supply the parts to like. Professional mechanic shops and stuff like that and i got that there's I think. Comparable to the dupont suva r134a but it's cool because it's a r12 freon substitute. I know back in the 90 so used to make our 12 substitutes that were other gases. Like butane and sometimes propane that were very inexpensive but explosive I. Don't know if they're still doing that. Probably not but they had generic names like freeze on I think there's another.

One that's refrig on my uncle is a few cans of those but they're pretty. Hilarious the names that are just playing off of freon but this is cool. Trying to make a video this I think use it it's still sealed actually still have. My r12 can adapter up here with the instruction sheet that came with. But I've only ever gotten to use one can r12 with that thing so and i don't have. The I don't have a car with an r 12 system anymore but very interesting.

  • Johnson's freeze r12 freon that's it
  • Here's that recharge your air conditioning is my name is refill kits. I'm using the AC recharging kit from amazon. It comes with two cans of our 12 a refrigerant holes with a gauge and also. Connections here for older vehicles with our r12 freon this vehicle originally comes. With r one thirty-four 84 fragrant this kid here is our 12 a refrigerant which. Is supposedly better than 130 for a I've taken the vehicle to a mechanic to have. The vehicle properly vacuumed out of the 134 refrigerant before replacing it with.
  • The r12 a refrigerant because it's probably not a good idea to mix. Colin's always make sure you safety glasses and gloves when dealing with the. Next we're going to locate the low-pressure service port is usually. Located on the larger line that goes to the compressor into the firewall and. You can tell that the system has no refrigerant people can screw driver. Download the Schrader valve and no gases escape before we install the refrigerant.
  • Can we got to make sure we back off this valve here so that the little needle in. There doesn't poke the can we install it now with the needle up. I can connect more refrigerant can now I'm going to connect the quick connector. in the car and make sure it's secured snuggly. With this valve tighten all the way down the system had pressure on it will show. Up on the stage right here since my system has no coolant. I'm going to give it an initial charge without the AC compressor running so I'm.

Going to start by turning this valve in to puncture the seal on the can I can. Hear some of the gas going in right now and then i'm going to back it off. Slightly to allow the gas to go into the system as you can see the gauges reading. In the Green Zone as you're doing this is a good idea to keep the can upside. All the refrigerant closing we're just going to tighten r12 freon up here. Does it reach my initial charge and then i'm going to start the vehicle and.

Review R12 Freon in 2017

Engage the AC compressor. With the vehicle on set the air conditioned to blow the coldest city. One of the vehicles been started going to begin by opening the valve a little. Shake the can while the refrigerant going. You can see that the compressors engaging which is a good thing we don't. Know there's enough refrigerant in the r12 freon. According to the sticker on the hood the maximum 134 a cool that this system will.

Take 0.85 kilograms from the bottle it says is equivalent to 425 grams of r12 freon. That means we need roughly two bottles of coolant for the entire system this. Recursion actually contains dive which is great for finding leaks can actually. See some of the dying leaking on this cheap page that i have here. You can also wrap up the engine to make a refrigerated cycle faster throughout. The system as you can see after one can.

The pressure is just above the Green Zone we should be well into the blue. So it looks like you could use a little bit more refrigerant been closed off the. We're going to disconnect the whole from the trade i then we're going to repeat. The procedure for the second bottle until the desired pressure is reached. Then i'm going to replace the wrong side. Dust cap into the train about what's interesting is that this kit also comes. With an oil tester to see how much oil is in the compressor.

How to buy R12 Freon?

Once the refrigerant have had time to go through the r12 freon. We need to use a UV light to look for leaks at all the connections and along. All of the air conditioned lines. The last step is to add this sticker under the hood to indicate that the. Refrigerant has been changed to r12 freon you know you did the job right in the. Air condition was nice and call.

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