All aboard its Jang here with a look at the Playmobil Castle comes. With 198 pieces and it's new for the 2015 series as a time of this video. Just recently came out in the United States but it's been out elsewhere for. Some months but this is one of the the newest castles and as you'll see as I. Spin this around it's kind of a medium sized Playmobil Castle it's not the largest and. It's not the smallest that they've done but it is nicely enclosed and has really. Good shaping - it's not a boring rectangle shape.

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It's not too awkward in the space that it takes up it's still kind of occupies. A squarish overall you know base area but it has an interesting shapes to it. Like you've got the whole turret section back here that's really tall that the. Tower which is rounded and then you get these interesting angles coming in here. Which adds a lot of visual interest that I like I like just the kind of Arc. Architectural considerations there and it has. Although the most important stuff that you need for a Playmobil Castle even though it's.

Playmobil Castle Review

  • Not the biggest build in the front you've got the all-important drawbridge. And that is hooked up to a winch system to move this night out of the way. Temporarily and i'll show you what this looks like from the other side of this. Is able to to winch on up and has a ratcheted system so it'll hold in place. And there's a break on there so if you want to just drop this. Settling in there you go you pretty much just push a button that it just happens.
  • This also has another cool feature built into it where you can actually break the. Break the gate. Basically break it in if you have a battering ram or something. It works a little bit more easily than i would like it - it's the section here. You can see outlined you just kind of push that right through you can see how. It's not really connected very well and if you even close up i found it even. Close the the. The bridge upper the gate is too quickly sometimes they'll just fall in so maybe.
  • If you always bring it up slowly and then just leave it angled out just a. Little bit i think that that helps maybe some different folks will get ones that. That are a little bit to better secure it in there but that's just a way to get. Through the Playmobil Castle defenses up top you can see the whole mechanism we've got. Your windlass to win this up and this is the break and the ratcheting system over. Here. Just push on that and just let's go in gravity just takes takes over really.

Nicely and these have these handles have the precise just at the end will. Actually fit the hands of figures on either side at the front you have these. Small turret sections which are large enough to fit a couple of figures and. It's good place to to put watchers and archers up there. You also get the hawk night banner that hangs down on the other side for right. Now i have installed little cannon which can be moved around its it's raised up. Enough that it can kind of poke or the edge but you can move this around this.

Is a real working thing is actually loaded up with a projectile there you. Just push this from the back it's not spring loaded it's kind of a a click. Action just push that from the back and is going to shoot out and actually. Shoots pretty straight and far this is actually a a hard time not not a rubber. End on it this time it really easy to use and they do give you one extra. Projectile and again this can be used anywhere including on the ground.

I like the look of the turret section from behind as well as you see they give. You a little bit of a ladder set up there and there's a balcony that goes. Around the whole edge so you can pose more of your figures just standing. Around and that goes around most of the whole thing kinda have to hop up here. They don't give you a proper ladder but you can see how they've got the the. Wooden plank or simulated wooden plank piece is going all the way around so. That's good.

  1. And from up above you can see there's plenty of court yard space in the center. Here and a large balcony at the rear on the first floor is kind of the the. Dungeon area or you could use it for storage and you can kind of make up the. Story for that. You like but it doesn't have a lock on it so however you want to secure it. Whether it's good things or bad things that are going to be going to be in. There and keep it locked up and says the two wrought iron gates that open up a.
  2. Decent amount of space where you can store stuff in there but you can also. Access the access this from the back again you can use your imagination to. Figure out how you want to to use this or how you want to see this. It can be a secret entrance where bad guys get in. Or maybe the the king's daughter has a love interest outside of the Playmobil Castle. He's not supposed to be allowed in and this is a secret way to get in or this. Could be a place where prisoners could escape. There's also a a weapon rack over there where you can put some weapons I've got.
  3. A couple of things in there right now one longer. Polearm with it with axe at the at the end of its two large blade and then also. A spare shield but if you're going to have bad guys store down here you. Probably don't want to store weapons with them while i'm back here might as. Well continue on with the tower on the inside of that there's a ladder that. Will take you up to the the top floor but there's also a little trap door.
  4. Right here which gives access which can again be four escaping or just for. Trapping an intruder and there's just a handle right here that you can pull that. Will just open that up and send whatever figure is standing there down into the. Dungeon section if you want and then the ladder and I said that will go up to the. Top but that can also be retracted away so up on the top floor you see you just. Pull that up you can actually leave it halfway out like this or you can just.
  5. Remove it altogether and just again gives you some different options. Depending upon what you want to do there and that's your access hatch this is a. Great place to just look over the whole thing as well as beyond the Playmobil Castle. Then looking at all that from the. Front side of it you have another locked door here. That's ironing construction so that can be a place where you can trap somebody. Or you can store you know treasures in there. Whatever you want to do again using your own imagination.

Now there's also this thing that you've seen kind of swinging around it's a. Prison cell hanging prison cell over here and then it's kind of like a bird. Cage kind of kind of style. This opens up over here but of course if you've got a prisoner in there they're. Not going to want to escape from here because it's going to be kind of rough. They're going to fall on their suspend it up in the air you can kind of move. This around how you want you can actually bring it over by the the.

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Balcony section over here and it has a line connected to it so you can get a. Handhold here you can put that in the hand of the figure to show that they're. Either hoisting it up or maybe letting it down and there's another one of those. Handholds that's in the the top. Boom up here that's holding all this in place and that's just holding the string. In place and you kinda just force it through its just providing a little bit. Of friction so it doesn't fall down on its own but you can just slide these.

Things around and there's plenty of of cord here so you can get that to come. All the way down to the ground and actually kinda just slip it just outside. Of the Playmobil Castle walls as well if you want to do a a rescue that way. Now with that birdcage kind of thing out of the way i want to point out something. Else that I found very interesting and completely unexpected. You see those wooden stairs back their home they're assembled and kind of a. Strange way that you could only understand if you're putting the thing.

Together but there's a special hidden feature there. Check this out the whole thing slides in the whole staircase disappears slides. Into the main Playmobil Castle area all that open space underneath and that unveils this. Removable wall now you could use your your crane up above that's currently. Used for the prison cell just has a hook on the end of it you can take the little. Bird cage thing off it and then connect that here to the.

Top and then pull up this wall and that exposes a hidden secret room. Now there's nothing in there you could store some of the weapons that are. Included with the set but it's intended to be a a secret treasure storage space. So if you've got any extra stuff from other sets that you can consider to be. Treasurer or even non playmobil stuff that you want to consider to be to be. Treasurer or even for kids who want to hide their own personal valuables that's. A great place to do it and just all completely gets hidden away by this.

Staircase here i think that's really nicely integrated in there. Now these are the three figures that are included with the set on the left is the. Hawk night's king in the center you get a nice night and on the right just a. More generic soldier. You can use however you want notice the the King has the special sword I guess. You can see that as being a piece of treasure right there it's got a gem. Elements in it looks really nice.

All of these figures i think look really good for the hot nights for this year. And the the night in Playmobil Castle. The center has the huge plume attached to the top of his helmet and he's got a. Thing that kind of looks like a lance here but it's being used as a flagpole. In this case that he can use to to carry the colors along as he rides out into. Playmobil Castle and even even the the simplest guy over here I think it looks pretty. Good because he's got the the plates on the front that are that are metallic you.

Can see it's got that metallic sheen to it also looks like he's got armor for. Our bracers i guess for for his forearms and also the extra little clip on pieces. You can store weapons this guy's got the ability to clip something onto the back. You also have a quiver that's included with with the king that's by default. They wanted you to take that connect that there and the the night. Actually right now has this large shield on which is specifically designed to be.

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Used when he's riding horseback. So they do include one horse with the set. As in an armor set of its own horse just has the ability to to move the head up. Now no other articulation to it but it fits the night even with all just bulky. Armor in the big big shield and everything fits on there just fine and. There you can see how that fits around to the side looks pretty good maybe spin. Around the other way. I don't know oh yeah also want to show you what his face looks like it you can.

Bring the mascot bc he's got good protection for his neck right up to his. Chin but then just a regular classic playmobil face. Here's a quick look at all of the figure accessories. The weapons and shields as well altogether including the ones that you. Just saw on the figures as well as the couple of things that I had previously. Stored kind of down in that the dungeon section get a crossbow here also owns. Some long weapons couple swords in total a nice little range but not too much.

Extra stuff. All Things Considered I really feel like this is a fantastic castle set I love. The design of the Playmobil Castle. How much play value it has as well as just visual again the visual interest. With all the different shapes and yet they fully enclosed the thing and here's. Another thing that you're not going to see by just looking at this but i can. Tell you this castle is built sturdy you can actually pick the whole thing up as. One and it doesn't feel walking at all it doesn't start to want to shift around.

It does that at the expense of modularity I think it doesn't use as. Many of the the regular plain system X little yellow and red connectors as the. Previous generation of of Playmobil Castle at least the the the last generation night. Asking me. Lion night castle that I reviewed some months before this video not the 2015. Version with one before that. So more of this I think needs to go together in specific ways but they do. Still have some systematic system X connections in there and they've.

Actually done a lot of the the structure through the walkways the wooden walkways. Inside of the things are actually tied together on the underside. Using old style of of railway track ty pieces that were previously used to hold. The different sections of tracks together and they actually connect. Things together and just provides a lot of strength and durability than that. Makes it great to be able to move this thing around or even just two to spin it.

Around without having to to worry about anything falling apart so nicely. Constructed I think it looks good from every angle to it really doesn't have. Any bad angles where it looks boring. It has a good amount of of space but not too much. Open unused state space without even adding other things into it. I just think it's it's really well designed that's it for my look at this. Set i hope that you enjoyed this and I hope that you will please share your. Thoughts about this set what you think about it but leaving a comment down.

Below it's always very much appreciated and i will be reviewing many more. Playing with your things to come so i'll be talking to you again very soon. Yeah

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