What we're doing here is we're going to. Measure the length of the Ls7 Lifters and. Not from the roller tip to the body. Itself we want to measure it from the. Roller tip to down into the cup now you. Cannot measure to the end here nor can. You measure on like the face of the cup. Because if you'll notice on the Ls7 Lifters. Lifter where it leads down into the cup. Is actually beveled so there's no way to. Get a good accurate measurement there. The method of measurement i'm using. Involves a comp cams pushrod link.

ls7 lifters

Ls7 Lifters Introduction

Checker has been disassembled and just. Have a piece of Ls7 Lifters on the under. That's shimmed with rubber bands to help.

  • Hold it in place that we can get a good.
  • Accurate measurement every time we're.
  • Going to start out with the Ls7 Lifters.
  • And go ahead and measure we've got to a.

Beach with the help of my lovely. Assistant we're going to take the left. And we're going to put it with a roller. To the side so that i can get a good. Ls7 Lifters measurement on that and my. Assistant is going to hold just hold the.

How to buy Ls7 Lifters?

Link checker down the end of Ls7 Lifters. That's it just that i can get a get a. Good measurement on it we're going to. Measure measure each 13 times just to. Make sure that that we're doing it. Accurately and we get a consistent. Reading okay that looks good and i'm. Going to close this and we'll call that. Point 93 will measure that same one. Move over a little bit that way. There we go make sure that we can see. Make sure to hold it into the cup.

I thought move point 93 do it again. And point 93 take the next Ls7 Lifters style. Point 9 30 will move on to the first ls7. We get a reading a point nine eight. Point 98 and the next ls7 liquor. Move down luv there thank you to bump. The camera a little crooked there. 198 think we can conclude that if we. Take point 98 and subtract point nine. Follow 93 that would we that we would. Get a point 05 difference between the. Ls2 in the Ls7 Lifters. thank you

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