The LS6 is an air intake manifold produced by General Motors. The product has been discontinued by GM. This makes the product really difficult to find, even though it has still a high demand from auto enthusiasts. A lot of companies are trying to replicate the original LS6. Some of them have been successful, but with lower performance.

ls6 intake

The benefits of the LS6 intake

  • The LS6 air intake manifold is often used to substitute the LS1, LS2 models. This upgrade offers an increase in horsepower. This increase is estimated at 15 hp when replacing the LS1 intake manifold. An engine's power depends on the amount of fuel and air that enters for combustion. So, it is easy to understand this is thanks to the better air flow of the LS6 version. Another thing to consider is the installment of this new part in the vehicle.
  • These air intake manifolds have similar dimensions and structure. They have a length of approximately 70 mm. The only difference in outside design is that the LS6 has a flat bottom. Being this identical to one another is an important design feature. It allows the parts to be easily replaced in case of damage or to upgrade to a better version.
  • The LS6 is a one-piece Nylon manifold. The structure and material offer a considerable durable product. It is easy to maintain and clean. When done regularly and properly, these simple processes increase the lifespan of the LS6 considerably. It is important to remember that cleaning the air intake manifold also avoids damage to the engine of the vehicle.

Things to consider when choosing your LS6 intake manifold

Normally, the first and most important thing is to make sure that your vehicle can use the product. Air intake manifolds, as all other car parts, come with a list of vehicles that they are compatible with. Be sure to see your auto's model version there! Control the manufacturer!

As we mentioned above, a lot of companies have tried to make a replacement for GM's LS6. Some of these products are high-quality, but they do not have the same performance as the original. Check the product carefully! This is especially important when buying a used product.

We said that GM has discontinued the production, so you probably will have to go for a used LS6 intake manifold. Control the product before buying it and ask for warranty! Be careful not to confuse the LS1 and LS6 models! These products are similar to one another. The first difference is an EGR provision behind the inlet. This is only present in the LS1 intake. The other difference in their outside design is the flat bottom of the LS6. This is what sets it apart from both the LS2 and LS1 versions! So flip the manifold and check!

In conclusion

the LS6 air intake manifold is a good upgrade for speed enthusiasts. Substituting your old manifold with the new one, is easy and quick. Be sure to take in consideration all the points mentioned when buying! Remember to take care of it and enjoy your car's new power!

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