Can you come on up to us on the limits. Of me and I'll continue well be one of. Those figures but I look and look at LPS Short Hair Cat. More than to back up i won china and. Move up and they can't play functional. Done with no more interactive so here is. The word i'll get my god i am so happy. Healthy just in time for valentine's day. Because she's quite pink and glittery. Such as he did for valentine's day and. Then how to make a valentine's day. Movies with her in the custom that I. Made it was hard she has she's really.

lps short hair cat

Pretty like fly and he wanted to this. Darker blue down for people in LPS Short Hair Cat. Profession and she has destroyed me. Literary flowers around tonight very. Glittery pink which is better and that's. Right back and then there's that chance. I'll connect logo and then it's a real. Obvious for those are the phone or. Something and it says hydro it's here. And of course has all the little. Workings and based on the bottom is not. A nugget oh yeah so you can just occur. To some other items to have I know you.

LPS Short Hair Cat Introduction

Did it right there with this whole mess. Okay with all the LPS Short Hair Cat and I don't you. Check them all unfollowing on one set. And next ok here is the next LPS I got. And she also has similar flower around. Her eyes you can help I've seen to the. Flower its differences contains every. And bigger and some smaller and white. And not quite so I can all black and. They have put a flick very mini black. Hat so I really like this one because I. Have a bucket in bulk at home against.

Again and to call someone white details. Which make are really you another thing. Is pretty clean eyes under I love this. Kind of green right now I don't know. Eyes and her ears of this really nice. Shade of white if you just like simplu I. Black and white LPS Short Hair Cat and I was so happy. That it was in such brand-new condition. Because the nose does the notions on any. Of us are teasing trick and it's real. Easy to chip those noses and so many. Times want to get of this packaging or.

  • Just chip I'm so happy and then spin has. The LPS total and today and finally i. Have this LTS which i have been running. For quite a while so I'm really happy. Together here's a very pretty orange. Quite simple but company a favorite she. Hasn't really nice purple eyes and where. People are literally Louise they are. Moon so that kind of look good you can. See little me present in thrive and she. Has this little light cannon circle. Circle around her I so they all either.
  • Have something in common which should. Have them all on their eyes except this. One these two are flowers and this LPS Short Hair Cat. Is perfect so she's really pretty and I. She doesn't have a black mark on the. Back but she has the date and the little. Hole rate so my guys that was my I'll. Conserve you for today if you want to be. More if you like this to hit that red. Subscribe button over there and you can. Think and just put the notifications and. Subscribe and you won't miss a single.
  • Video so if you like this video give it. A big thumbs up and comment whatever. Let's discuss and I will see you in the. Next video and also all these moves in a. LPN series i'll be making soon i'll be. Making the trailer repair those stinking. 15 ok few minutes video bye
  • Hey guys so yesterday I ordered great oh. Yes on ebay and one of them came I don't. Know which one it was a 42 short. Haircuts and a great game oh I gotta get. The sensors I kind of put over there. Okay kind of hard to filming clothes in. A package all right yes we'll do that. Well and kind of falling head and knock. The camera for this is tiny look. Assistance scaring off it so this is. Where I shine right now it's just feel. That thing up right action not do this. So oh I made a little pair scribe.

Package okay you got a whole. Okay I tried looking at it and going to. Kill kinda beat not only are back when i. Get this package opened sorry about that. My think i'm gonna come in via music but. I got it out my dress is a letter or you. Have the letter on the price okay. Whatever so let me get her out and you. Guys are on so here she is series 2 10. Com I reorg like litter cat apparently. On her back this is my second shorthair. LPS Short Hair Cat ever right now this is indeed help i. Have the one when I fired geez her head.

Review LPS Short Hair Cat in 2017

Still bottle look at that so following. An attorney what is that like my gosh oh. My gosh housework like really ball word. And kind of like this what whatever okay. This was my old nice garden tiller and. So all so yesterday i found that there's. A new one throwing $18 and 12 inches no. One chest aching 1894 eighteen dollars. And ninety four cents exactly perhaps. Everything whether they aren't even on. No in there nothing else just her and.

Just turn came in bubble wrap okay too. Boo boo boo boo redhead on hey Emily. Yeah so much litter on your idol and. Your hands real bubbly there was really. Good condition though really good. Condition I look so happy that I got her. Today look my second LPS Short Hair Cat. Ever could you please stop all bowing. Your head just like she's still. I'm doing okay she's not fake she had. The same guy fingers here right here but. Why is your head so Bob Lee just 1 Adam.

And get out look so cute okay okay guys. So if you enjoyed this video like and. Subscribe for more amazing contact. Number two formulas to go and get fitter. Subscribe line and I'll see you guys. Later

How to buy LPS Short Hair Cat?

Hey guys so today I'm going to do an LP. Have three of you on my LPS Short Hair Cat. Short-haired cat and my kittens so I'm. Going to start with the LPS short haired. Cats first so let's get started my first. One is this one and I forgot the number. For this one but I just recently got. This i'm probably going to go in the. Order of the day like newest oldest so. This one is like a Siamese cat and its. Really adorable I'm not as a whole I. Don't know what number it is I'm you. Guys are going to have to look it up.

Yourself try the new ones to go so yeah. The next one is this one and no and LPS Short Hair Cat. I put on these like fake little jewel. Things on your ears so it doesn't come. With it anyway this one came from the. Black and white collection i know that. It's really adorable and it has like a. Splotch of white on it I stopped but the. Rest'll the rest of the body is almost. Black but it has slime green eyes and. Its really cute and I think this one and. This one are my favorite out of all my.

  1. Short haircuts so yeah the next one is LPS Short Hair Cat. This one it's really adorable and I. Really like it and yeah it's I don't. Know what number it is but I know this. One's kind of rare so yeah oh yeah by. The way the short hair cat is a whole I. Think all these are cold yep okay anyway. Um yeah that's this one the whole oh. It's pretty bad condition to which. So yeah I gotta from the goodwill the. Next one is this one and its really. Adorable and this one I think it's from. An LPS Short Hair Cat series i think Eliza LPS has this.
  2. One and my opinion it's really adorable. And I really like it and yeah this one. Is a whole and this one's in bad. Condition on the tip of the tail I. Cannot fix that apparently so yeah. That's a whole I'm sorry I'm letting my. Kitten ok so anyway here is this cat I'm. Has light blue eyes um there's one just. Like this that has a magnet but this. One's like a different it has different. Style it has a hole and yeah um three. Are two of these I got them from LPS Short Hair Cat.
  3. Style 101 thank you for those ones I got. Those ones a couple years ago and this. Is one of them mystical so let's move on. To the LPS Short Hair Cat kittens so with these ones. I'm probably going to go in random order. Or maybe not and i'm going to go from. All this to newest so this is like one. Of the oldest kittens I think it's the. First kitten I'm not sure as a pink. Magnet and its really cute and I used to. Make this one a boy I don't know why you. Need to like be a little tomboy and then.
  4. This girly girl liked him and stuff and. I don't know it was like when I was six. Or something so anyway yeah that's this. Kitten the next one is this one and it. Has like really dark blue eyes and it. Has a pink on the top of it test this. And the rest of it is like yellow I'm. Sure would be a little bit brighter if I. Clean this one because it's all dirty I. Don't really remember why I got this one. From actually which is pretty weird so. Yeah this one has a whole next kitten is.

A mcdonalds one and it looks similar to. That one but it has no tail yes I cut. This one off of a McDonald's platform my. Grandpa actually chiseled it off for me. You have to have special tool for that. And yeah my grandpa had it apparently. And he did half of my chemicals oh PS i. Still have some that aren't offered to. Stand yet and i got it ask him next time. I go over there so yes I don't know what. Number this is but this is a kitten and. It shows like painted on it's not made.

McDonald's ones are really cheap and. Stupid so this LPS Short Hair Cat doesn't have a hole. Or magnet is just clean oh yeah next one. Is this really cute orange kitten but. It's like standing I don't all its think. I don't know what it's doing but it has. Like a long then kale and it has like. Blue eyes and it's orange and it has a. Hole the next one is this really. Adorable kitten and it was a baby from a. Mother and baby pack um this was from. 2012 and its neck isn't very like its.

Neck is weird let's just say that and I. Usually use this like a kindergartner. Something I don't know like maybe just a. Baby I will but the mom is just I don't. Know I just used her for some LPS videos. I don't use it that much anymore but I. Used to make her main character because. I thought she was adorable anyway um. Yeah this one's like blushing I guess. So the next kitten is this really cute. One this might be out of all the kittens.

I have to say and I like these ones that. Are made like this to look like this I. Don't know it has like green eyes and. It's really durable I like the coloring. On it um the next the last one is this. One and its really cute and it's like. Out knows they're like just normal. Colors and I like it but it's kind of. Weird-looking but I still like it it's. Like normal colors I like the LPS Short Hair Cat with. Normal colors um not like wacky purple. Colors or like weird combined colors and. Cuz that's just weird and it just.

Doesn't make sense and yeah I'm trying. To make this spoil okay um anyway yeah. Um this one of the whole oh yeah this. One doesn't have anything on the bottom. Of it and this one has a whole this one. As a whole and special so yeah um thanks. For watching guys and I hope you guys. Enjoyed this video sorry about the. Background noises and stuff it was. Coming from outside and it's like six in. The morning so yeah um this so many time. I can make it obvious videos without.

Like interruption or anything and thanks. A lot you stupid truck driver okay. Anyway I'm and then I to yeah it was. Like really love and I'm really sorry. About that so um if you guys want to. Follow me on instagram follow me on. Twitter i'm not really active on Twitter. Because my phone won't let me on there I. Know my computer might but I just don't. Want to go on there and if you guys want. You guys can follow me on Twitter but. Also like my facebook page and those. Description below so yeah hope you guys. Enjoyed this LPS Short Hair Cat review and comment down. Below what other LPS review you think I. Should do or what you guys want me to do. So yeah bye guys oh if you want to you. Can subscribe also

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