Yeah it's that time again when we get a. Brand new Lps Great Dane the problem is we're not a. Hundred percent sure what we're going to. Call it but we do have a name idea in. Our head then we ask you for name. Suggestions but then we end up just. Taking the name that we already had yay. Jokes aside though whats up guys its me. Creator and director here topia / TV. George and me Leah and today we have a. Brand new lps so here it is whoa alright. Guys so we did get him in the mail like. Two days ago but we didn't slide to show.

Lps Great Dane

It until now uh yeah so he's really good. Um he's an excellent condition honestly. The seller took such good care of him uh. You know they're like there's a Lps Great Dane . The tail like not really a chip but like. A paint mark I don't even know what it's. Called but honestly it's just like. Little Doss like that that are like the. Biggest issue but that's really it. Because he isn't such good quality he's. Off then tick yay um I compared him to. Max which by the way is um we got him.

Lps Great Dane Introduction

Like back in like 2013 or something in. Toys r us so he's definitely an. Authentic pet and they're very similar. Like I can't find any differences so. Yeah I'm pretty sure he's authentic he. Wasn't cheap at all um but he was really. Worth it cuz he is awesome and yeah um. The funny thing about this pet is if you. Watched our last cut review which was. For this short hair she was actually a. Reproduced version because has girl when. They made g1 pets they entered like Lps Great Dane.

That looked exactly like her although. She had this flower icon in her eye and. She also had a magnet and also this one. The Lps Great Dane after this one that we reviewed. Also is a reproduced version because his. Original like the first version of him. Had a star eyes and a magnet of these. Uh but actually he is from the video. Game private set and I actually have. This boxed set which I already have all. These pets so it doesn't matter uh but. At the back you can see that there is a.

  • Oh oh this is gonna be great um in this. Box that there's like a little. Commercial below and I had like. Different ways to play and you can see. That there is a little artwork of him. Digital artwork it looks pretty creepy. Um cuz he is from the video game brensa. And showing that you can play on wii. Nintendo vs smart phone computer. Obviously this is really old cuz it's. From 2010's no i don't even know if you. Can play that anymore but i guess you. Can try but going back to this pet and.
  • Stuff he's absolutely adorable he had. Like this really like tingling he kind. Of looks like if you look at him from. The back I don't know what else yes it. Is it's one of the great Lps Great Dane there. Should be a picture here something like. That um he kind of looks like that pet. Turned over uh-huh yeah um so yeah he. Has this really like dark brown base. Color he also has these kinda same like. This one he has accents all over him. Like these i guess like cream colored.
  • Like I don't know he's like cream. Colored accents just like patches on his. Body like on his stomach like on the. Legs part of his face uh yes is really. Nice blue eyes I don't know what to say. What are they doin reviews haha oh yeah. Also names gestions we actually don't. Know what to call this one weird Thank. You Brandon but we're not a hundred. Percent sure we probably are but anyway. If you guys really want to lose name. Suggestions that you think will be good. That we be that we will be able to use.
  • For series then comfortable Lopez you. Know that really counts so anyways I. Think this opening offer this video so. Bye huh yeah by you be seeing this face. Surround that just sounds good

Hello my little collies it's me and I am. Back was does a video for you guys and. In this video i will be reviewing LPS. Great Lps Great Dane number 577 so yep and now. Let's review him so as you can see this. Great Lps Great Dane fur is white and he has. Brown spots as you can see his notion is. Brown and his ears are brown too and his. Eyes are different color one of them is. Brown and the other is blue as you can. See there is a spot on his chest in the. Form of a bone and yep and he has a. Magnet he is also known as Tom Dawson.

Review Lps Great Dane in 2017

From LPS popular so I hope you guys. Enjoyed this video and if you did please. Like comment and subscribe see you later. Everyone

Hey guys I'm doing a review of this. Great Lps Great Dane this step is fuzzy and let. The fuzz in the body and ears comes off. And he is number 6 36 and it came with. This umbrella a rope and a cowboy hat I. Think and the color so it's going to be. One of my favorites and one of the. Characters my series so in my LPS Reuben. Channel my main channel so yeah this. Really cute and diamond eyes mins. Fanciest so just blue eyes so yeah I. Really like this pat so bye

So this is my new lps I gotta make the. Old scoring so his name is Justin and he. Said have been many series and I can't. Fucking wait for him because i'm pretty. Sure that this series is going to take. Off it just gonna be really good and I'm. Very proud of it and i'll be on my main. Channel shouldn't get you around usual. Ha but i gots got there but we're in. Only seriousness he was 499 free. Shipping she was 89 free shipping both. Hong kong appreciated most real except. For the fact that his abba messed up and.

How to buy Lps Great Dane?

Yes that deserved a zoomin milked so um. So these two of Lps Great Dane in luck. Because her eyes are just so unique i. Lose any other like hasbro obvious out. There that has her type of vibe yeah. He's just calms brother so we don't want. The other version of tom cuz other. Version tom I need this basalt I was. Nice at work go ever so he was for. Dinner this item s up from hong kong she. Was she's perfect for him oh I have a. Feeling that this one has been like a. Has real mess up and that's why the item.

S up and that's why I'm for so cheap. Because either so messed up that I'm. Funny Tommy that's why you buy from hong. Kong who wouldn't want to buy from home. So yeah I hope you guys enjoy this video. Well y'all ba

  1. Hi i got a nice it's Annie and today I'm. Super duper it's because he's like my. Great day just came in and I just took. Them out of the package um because I. Don't want it to be in the floor or. Nothing so here begins on this stain. Back here and it is real comment down. Below if you've ever seen this Lps Great Dane. Dating before I never seen it but it is. So beautiful I did want the stalk the. One with the Stars and ties but it did I. Got this one but it is totally fine so. Come on yeah she always runs likes it.
  2. When I come she thinks she's the star. Don't you my name is blossom and yes oh. Thanks I mean come on he was legs hey. Sally involved and in already named it. Christopher and he has blue eyes with. Diamonds in his eyes and he has like a. White line down a little and I do not. Know what this pattern is but it is so. Cute and I don't know what color it is. But it looks like a tan to me and I. Think if you could see that Lps Great Dane oh he.
  3. Has a little black line right there on. Both of his eyes I guess I'll supposed. To meet eyelashes comment down below. Have you ever seen this um good day but. Thank a half but i'm not sure and i do. Not know what his number is hamid humble. Have you ever seen him and if you if you. Know what his number is and he has a. That's my mama magnet I I was hoping. That it would have a magnet but he. Doesn't and he has clear rink look see. That don't look easy but I seriously. Seriously need a caller for him let me.
  4. See if I have one my advice would be so. I color I don't think it could be out. With him I mean Lps Great Dane is dark they. Don't know is that it's gonna be will. Fit him with this little blue bandana so. I'm just gonna have to see it's him it. Is big old neck sure I have to color oh. The fits cuz nobody's done it that. Actually really fits look at that it fit. Come nobody's done it Rana run run we. Came here to run it run it right okay.

Coming down below if you like the green. Collar on him or we trying to pick up. You can't get it off oh no that's not. Good oh no oh that's that's terribly not. Good I should have not put that often. Yeah should put my other don't banana on. Him first it's not a good idea I'm. Afraid this is something to come off oh. My it's like stuck on there it's so. Small I mean come on it's like come on. Right it's like when that music be on. There forever I mean look guys and Lps Great Dane. Come on come on get off there oh ok I'm.

Not that I'm afraid it's gonna be able. To forever and if I take a video I'm. Afraid Lps Great Dane gonna be on there and you. Won't be able to see it Nick I'm going. To be doing the music video and 101 I. Don't I don't like this on him just know. I think the blue bandana wouldn't be. Better but I like him with the color but. It's just luckily hold on guys okay he. Is free from the cold he's free I'm. Gonna try the bed ready and now. Just try and get it on campus it can.

Oh market if they use the spike collar. For a bracelet for hand look at so. Beautiful so spiky or can use it for. I don't know I don't know I don't know. What that is I don't know what to call. It let me get this on here hey. Coming up oh if you mustard green comes. Okay seriously I'm not kidding if this. Blue bandana is not going on him. This white collar as bracelet so he's. EJ Boyer man yeah so bye guys

Okay so this is the great an upgrade a. License um greyhound Lps Great Dane buy order on. Let's take a look test few blemishes but. It said that in the description you came. Pumpkin in moraine he's really cute I'll. Leave the link in the description so you. Ask an order if you want um she's only. Six dollars she's really cheap her head. Moves well and yeah she's really cute. Thanks for watching

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