Today's review is on the littlest. Petshop TV series on the hub the series. Is based on a LITTLEST PET SHOP Hasbro. Toy line the show centers around a. Teenaged girl named Blythe Baxter who. Moves to downtown city with her father. Do to him getting a promotion as a plane. Pilot and she gets a job at a pet store. And her mother unfortunately died when. Blythe was younger know how sad life. Loses her mother let's meet the. Characters here's the main character of. The series Blythe Baxter she not only.

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Works at the littlest pet shop but she. Is also an aspiring fashion artist and. Designer Blythe is so cute and she isn't. She so cute it with the cutest eyes she. Also has such great taste in clothing. Since she wears cute fashionable unique. Outfits Blythe is also very sweet kind. Compassionate it helps others in need I. Love life she's awesome like I said. She's just so cute and just very. Talented and very smart girl next we. She's the owner of the pest shop and she.

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Implied to have a good relationship mrs.. Twombly is awesome she was pretty in her. Younger days and even now older she can. Get it I also love her spunk her energy. And her kindness moving on to the pets. First off Russell Ferguson a European. Hedgehog who's the organizer of the. Group he sometime is taken as a. Porcupine which he does look like Littlest Pet Shop. Well Russell can't be uptight sometimes. But I'm glad he worked on it a bit. Because he was going on everyone's.

Nerves in the one episode I watched I'm. Like dude stop being so freaking uptight. I don't mind people who like to organize. A little and keep things neat and tidy. But I don't like the whole everything. Needs to be one percent perfect and. Being a neat freak Russell chill out. Relax enjoy some coconut juice in your. Hand just like in the picture and call. Eh but farzana he's a cool Hedgehog. Pepper Mildred Clarke she's a gray and. White skunk with light pink eyes and.

  • She's also a comedian her smell changes. Depending on her mood like if she's. Scared or nervous her smells tend to get Littlest Pet Shop. Worse like in the episode where the pets. Go out of Bly's back to get away from. Pepper smell any others were lost in the. Museum yeah that's pretty much is the. Time when her smells get worse Minka. Mark a pink spider monkey she's pretty. Much like Pinkie Pie since they're both. Crazy energetic and hyper if they ever. Met each other it would be a blast zoe. Trent a beautiful and gorgeous purple.
  • Cavalier king charles spaniel of course. She reminds me of rarity she's a born. Diva who strives to achieve goals she. Can be dramatic and snobbish at times. But she does care for her pet pals in. Blythe here we have is Sunil a mongoose. Was very shy and fearful but can be. Brave when need be like any mongoose. He's not afraid to go up against a cobra. Yeah get him Sunil F Tim cobras some. Poisonous mofos he's also a magician. Vinnie a green gecko with purple eyes.
  • He's slow in the head at times and is a. Talented exotic dancer with dancing. Skills he's a prone to wrecking havoc. Due to his clumsiness lastly Littlest Pet Shop. A white and purple cute giant panda was. Such beautiful adorable eyes that are. Just precious she enjoys twirling. Ribbons she's a peacekeeper of the group. And she also has sensitive feelings and. Can be a prone to getting her by others. But can be straightforward and grumpy I. Mean she's so cute you just want to.
  • Tickle her tummy and just see her Littlest Pet Shop. With a beautiful smile well that's it. For the pets moving on to Roger Baxter. Bligh's father a fun-loving yet clumsy. He loves spending time with his daughter. Listening to heavy metal and supports. Blight through anything especially when. It comes to her fashion designs it's. Father/daughter love all if only Blyth's. Mother was here right now to see how. Beautiful Blythe has grown uh oh great. These witches Britney and Whitney.

Biscuit known as the Biskit twins more. Like the dipstick twins because that's Littlest Pet Shop. What they are and they're like talk like. This like so rude and annoying is so. Mean tipa life they totally aren't like. Very smart no surprise and they should. Like totally fall in a fiery pit call. Hell and I think they're so like cute. Now with that who you're not the. Dipstick twins even made a song about. How cute they think they really are. Titled twice as q which is obviously a.

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Parody of hot problems and Rebecca. Black's Friday a parody of hot problems. Due to Britney and Whitney in the. Limousine cars singing just like those. Doe take girls and when it comes to. Rebecca black friday they they had their. Butler rapping in a limousine just like. Patrice Wilson was rapping while driving. A car in friday and i have to admit that. Butler did he murder the crap out of. That song he killed it and i have to say. The song is pretty catchy I mean it is. Way better and catcher than hi problems.

Uh those two girls they couldn't sing a. Lick when I heard that song for the. First time oh my goodness so Brittany. And Widnes voices aren't that bad we're. Cuter than this we're cuter than that. Yeah sounds a pretty catchy I'm glad. Life doesn't hang with those two witches. Overall I enjoy a LITTLEST PET SHOP it's. A very cute fine entertaining show it's. As good as my little pony friendship is. Magic love to see a LITTLEST PET SHOP. My-little-pony-friendship-is-magic.

Crossover that would be great make it. Happen and what's also great is the. Theme song you think about all the. Things that you love to do all comes. True you find a place you never know. Where you're happy to just beginning we. Can be wanna be at Lewis best shopping. With me we can be wanna be at the. II so tell me your thoughts on the. Littlest pet shop and the characters the. Hub is at his best unlike some other. Networks who used to be the stuff when.

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Growing up but now shells their formal. Cells I'm also now just hearing dad and. has ended no I love damn vs I want. To see more of Dan and him coming up. With schemes for revenge I want to see. More of Chris I want to see more of a. Lease in her hotness luckily they have. Some petition signatures for dam vs. If you want to see another season of. Damn vs please go and sign the petition. As soon as possible www I petitions calm.

As possible so we can see those whose aw. Damn vs dan vs just ended way too early. Let's bring damn vs back baby anyways. That's it later we're cuter than this. We're cuter than that they get Brittany. Tail

  1. Hey guys so today I'm going to be doing. A review on Littlest Pet Shop touch-up cutest pet. Cow mommy and baby set and then later in. Another video i'll be doing another one. Okay so um it looks like this i'm just. Going to pop this out so here you have. Our pamphlet and that's the hedgehogs. Are and will be in a different video and. The little backdrop okay so here's the. And here is it compared to the baby deer. So there's our little cow and then we. Have these two cartons of milk and then.
  2. Now open the larger cal I love how these. Are my package looks like strings and. This small prop sorry about that Littlest Pet Shop. Bump in a logical assumption um but they. Don't have like you know on I don't I. Can't really think I'm example right now. It's like let's say I did have terrible. Decision Barbie doll I haven't opened a. Bar bein he knows how long but there. Have ton of packaging oh she's adorable. Okay so here's our big cow compared to. The little cow can see quite a big.
  3. Difference I've always wanted a cow and. She has some shading around here around. The nose and I'll caroli hair little. Tail very very very cute so here's this. Set and then here is the deer set and. You can just see the size comparison. Here okay so now we're going to move on. To the next one is the cutest pet. Kappa bunny don't have to know that he's. Actually a fucking like that i don't. Know the name of the hedgehog so another. Pamphlet same ones last time so I'm kind.
  4. Of warring I'm not he's very fuzzy Littlest Pet Shop. Very soft fur and I'm gonna cut these. Open but when I forgot to mention um she. Has a halt on her shut and she doesn't. And here's her number um and when I was. Little I um had like Louis ketchup my. Now I like him again so here's the. Hedgehog looks like he's kind of one in. A week he has two ears and decided the. Hair which i think is very awesome and. Very nice detailing on his back I love. His hair it's so soft i recommend. Getting the ones with hair like this but.

Not the ones that have like the other. Hair that falls out but this is like. Mohair it's really nice so I'm gonna go. Really fast um they're just pop the. Bunny off okay so here's the bedding and. It'll probably cut off but she has. Really pretty green eyes and snowy here. And little yeah really really cute sorry. I couldn't have longer time but they've. Really pretty so please subscribe and. I'll see you later guys bye

Hi everyone it's me jessalyn and i'm. Doing a new video on my new toy Littlest Pet Shop. There and go shake da boom take care and. Shake there's 12 min here and one space. To backwards because it was a it was not. Rough good so I'm about to open it and. I'll be right back so far hi I'm back. And I got the box office so there's a. Purple bird a raccoon a green lizards a. One is funny and yellow duck and a blue. Can't push pat ok let's go to the bottom. Rope we have a yellow kitty a green. Turtle wow great day and purple.

Chihuahua i think a any purple monkey so. That's all my LP as I have in here don't. Oh so they all look cute and I think I'm. Gonna have fun playing with them so let. Me show you the rig when i'm done with. This video i'm going to put it on and. All my LPS Littlest Pet Shop will be safe in here without. Falling out before I please step so yeah. When you put them on yeah I hope you. Like the short video video and please. And if you want to leave a comment you.

Can and so I'll see you later by piece

My BFF is no PS i have other friends but. They're the best whoo hey what's up you. Guys check it out i'm back with another. Little spat shop and here is bri nibble. Ssin if you watch my video when i opened. Her um if you haven't you should cuz. She's just so cute when i was on the. Back of that video i was looking at all. These pets and i said that i really. Wanted feathers underwood so check it. Out you guys I can't believe I got her. So let me open her and I'll show you. What comes with her hey I was so easy so.

This just like pretty much popped out. It's like um it's like a little compass. Or maybe like a little clock and then so. Now let's get feathers at all these. Rubber bands and ties gosh all right I. Got it now let's get this little tie off. There we go okay you guys so here's her. Little deco bit and it can go on her. Head or in her wing which I think it's. So is so cute all right I just love I'm. How she has like the flat and the brown. It almost looks like big like flowers.

Around her bright green eyes and this. Like super bright little yellow beak on. Her like all blue body and then I just. Like how her like foot is standing out. And her wings are out like she's about. To land on something and she's just so. Cute and this is just like the little. Logo that you can scan the pet into the. LPS Littlest Pet Shop your world app it's really easy. Actually just like take a picture of it. But i'll make a video on it like showing. Exactly what to do are you guys she's. And here is the LPS Littlest Pet Shop pamphlet I don't hey. It's all right don't really like take. Them out anymore cuz they're just like. So I usually just ha and so it's showing. Like all of the pet shop toys that you. Can get so it's really cool that it it. Says design your world your way so it's. Really cool that they have you do that. And so here is baa baa loo I think it's. Her name and she was on the back of the. Box so that's kind of funny oh and. There's feather Underwood yeah okay I'm.

Like looking for other people and on the. Back it shows all of the Littlest Pet Shop that you. Can get in like the boxes and stuff so. All of these are uh in the package that. Is quit getting glamorous and then there. Some of them are like together I think. Those two might be together and some of. Them are like single by themselves like. Feathers Underwood pharame and bring it. One there's just the app and then here. Is feathers on the road again alright. Guys so i hope you get her if you want.

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