Necessary which is a middle slight. Mean Catherine shell mink Mike our. Littlest Pet Shop Husky anyplace and they're still like it. And pretty good to get back so yeah. Kids take hearing I love this pink. Only have one on one side speak. Sprinkles pinks think those me. Music a lil playing ranks careless. You know I can fill as where retail. You can't write a tremendously. So I thank you beginning I like that.

littlest pet shop husky

Littlest Pet Shop Husky Introduction

Sick factions here sprints. Having a whole thing just think late. The baby in this way and mom play at ABC. Me kinda bendable by the way a little while. Cuck I just ate trachea and tale thinking used. Came with it came with this little girl's. Cells here's why since I right Sydney.

All the facts stabbed. Let's catch up have never stage. Britain

  • Cookies world hey you guys I am showing you this cute little adorable. Husky dog that I picked up today from the Littlest Pet Shop Husky collection. She's absolutely adorable and I thought it was so cute and I said oh my gosh oh. My gosh oh my gosh I have to get this one for the collection because it's so. So this is what it looks like on the little package right here. The cute little adorable husky dog and it has like little sprinkles on it and. It comes with this little round doggy right here and a sleigh.
  • It says this is the Littlest Pet Shop Husky and this is its number right here or click her. And this one also comes with the free app on the back here are all the pets. That you can collect in this collection right here there's a little elephant a. There's a Littlest Pet Shop Husky that we picked up and there is the horse friend. So let's get this one open and let's see about this little husky. Go ahead and let's cut it open ready yep. Try not to cut the dog oh my gosh wouldn't be horrible to keep the dog.
  • Oh let's take a look go me inside open up. Here's his little card right here and pull the little baby out and a little. I'm ripping the background like to recall that fun stuff. Ok pull it out there we go so here is a sweet little durable card. Oh my gosh he's so sporadically lookin at that's so adorable. Sprinkles ok so there's a little cart theory is in the set comes from this. Okay that's one time we gotta read the Husky three the Littlest Pet Shop Husky to last.
  • There we go great print be free let's do this late to be sorry. Well that's two free ok here's a little sleigh that just flew out of here like. This on a Christmas adventure or something adorable little purpley pinky. Slightly this actually moves see how that twist like that. Interesting cute adorable they don't have ski. Come on out oh look at that adorable. Hey she's really really sweet and cute. Oh look at his little leggies do you see that what is legs look like kind of an.

Action pose like he's kind of running this looks like whip cream right here. His fur on his neck looks just like that and his cute little tail is all swirly. And cure Lee and super adorably and he's got sprinkles on his face and adorable. Little eyelashes says LPS on the back a few little sprinkles on the body right. They're really cute and then this little sleigh attaches just like that so he can. Pull it off so he can pull it like that.

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There we go did it into it and jumped into didn't dump dump dump them to. Oh wait you forgot your passenger you forgot your passenger you gotta pop out. Ready set gooooo here we go we got this cute adorable little. Oh my gosh it has the exact same face as the dog that is really really cute it's. The dog looks really happy to see it will have to be seems happy and you just. Put the little thing in here because it's got a little groove right for the. Just like that and now it can go on a sleigh ride so let's try that again. And did it in denton uh didn't done okay seriously we get the idea really cute. I actually really like this idea the little slow right thing I don't really. Get the ball idea like I mean it's cute and it's adorable and I love his little. Face but why why why doesn't make sense. So we're trying to do some sort of new toy idea but i love the dog I think it's.

Really cute i think they should do more pets with sprinkles and more candy theme. I really like the candy theme thing. It's adorable really good really fun super adorable if you see this toy pick. It up he's really absolutely adorable and he looks like canned a really cute. Cute cute cute and looks just like his little picture thing like that one of. The cutest LPS I think I don't know so well. These look like to roll catch me in the next video all right bye you guys. Yeah

Hi everyone says she and i am very excited because I'm going to be opening. Basically i had the morning and i was getting a way to be happy. Ok so the packaging over here in this little side as well as such a blow go. Says the wash your tour such up on TV. I have a use for now the warning label. Just look for the Afghan here's a beautiful little college. I absolutely love it call it because my first ever since college so key design. Undersized and just it's called a very fitting main actually miss Hatfield.

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I don't think it seems so maybe just simply in and mean and yeah yeahs. Catholic my roommate these set of packages because they're like really. Productive close you can see completely the patch because you can see you can. The actual pen just completely realistic is absolutely love this is just so I'm. Hey yeah okay for me that get the Panther out of its package to show you. First hand to every single gas that of course - 50 and select like to collect.

The side and what he says. Pretty yeah well use the Giant and designing your world your worrying you. Never looked and stuff and they step it back. Nobody really think about the new campus is that it has shackles sitting really. Like about these your clients lives i think that's really awesome from the new. It has a goal of chapter we can mark the pets are you. We have them over the tracks where you can you just like not chocolate and out.

  1. Of these this line of the single packs. I have a one daughter sin buttery greenfield and of course you know the. One that got right now moves Hatfield. So I'm so missing these five ones because they're eight of these visas. I really want for something you so cute I also signed but I mean it would really. Long distance I was like I'm just gonna get this done so and i really love this. Well do you want a healthy i like a brick.
  2. Slowly no more mouse so our little more ratch of course the Littlest Pet Shop Husky . The little like doggy I think it's a bold offer something left in a post. That's good to hear the app do not actually show you that yes you walk. Inside of here a is moose Hatfield. He has a really good battle cooley and he was only one and he's really good we. Painted like I'm really happy that he was only one. And he's a leaping and he doesn't have any paint the edges or anything he.
  3. It's barely noticeable so it doesn't matter so yeah so that's really pretty. Eyes i love his eyes are like green yellow and just a girl be in the door. Littlest Pet Shop Husky space color as the believe and Ozzy quite and his mouth and ash a/c has. This video has little paw print girls little such an appt the touch of your. World after i love that he has. I Bros on the eyebrows will really wall and somethin or pastors also them like. You know when they bat rock back to old obviously the date a couple of lines and.
  4. The mama babysit - and she's the one that I use. Where is my avatar so they have like these new eyebrows and selfish i think. That look really cute on the LPS at the actual make my routes. Yeah so he has a full back here nice and late evening. Yeah some white on the inside of the years and billions of years will be. I'm the body is more hard plastic and the head is more rubbery plastic so yeah.

He's just really go early bubbles you're not as a managing year. This is the adorable in a Littlest Pet Shop Husky. You know way to add this to my collection of wish I hadn't him of. Course it came to my collection. It seemed like he does stand its own position i think that he stands for us. Ok sounds like that all school i SAT right back. So here you have over here this little tiny be dining and I'm this city with a. Tiny little collar or she can barely see but you can see it you can see the. Details has a global lines of here and have a little paw print and he's just do.

Listen for a Littlest Pet Shop Husky so you can just put it on the patch. Let's see it's got a weird that you don't have a hole in the middle of these. Have it and decide it's a collar or maybe it's a badge like doing this may. It's making a badge or a matter I think it's a model like he won first place or. That's why he has it on the right side that's a lot of the middle but I think I.

Can call my opinion but you know then exactly go around his neck but I thought. They go to put it like that Littlest Pet Shop Husky. I think that's only for ya at event first place or something like a beach so. Thank you all so much for watching this video

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