Rainbow losers here and as you can see. From behind me this is another review. And also an updates video so I'm first. Going to start off with the review then. I'll give you a few updates so let's get. Started so I got a little as pet shop. Done or Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund I don't know how to. Pronounce that but it's the bobble in. Style this is one of my first ones of. The bobble in style I haven't gotten. Many of them but I went uptown and they. Head in there so I'm like you know what. I'm just gonna get one interview it just.

littlest pet shop dachshund

For you guys okay so when I went to the. Store they had all of them choose from. But I like the Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund on the best because. It look really cute so I'm like I need. This one Ed's to pets for twice the fun. The stylish mommy and baby love to go. Everywhere together it includes one pet. Monday me and a little accessory this. One actually has to it has the bow and. The little frisbee thingy and their. Numbers are so I can focus that in the. Dutch on is 360 one and the baby done is.

Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund Introduction

360 too so let's open this thing no as. You can see the baby came out a lot. Easier than the mommy the mommy was odd. Held together with one of these little. Thingies my enemy pretty much and um the. Little got this little frisbee flower. Type thing and the pho which i will be. Using a lot in most of my videos and the. Cute Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund it's adorable but it. Does not bobble know it's one of I think. Oh it's not one of those ones that pull. Off though it doesn't bobbles now only. These are like flawless they have like. No paint marks now that I said that I'm. Probably gonna have a big paints much on. It yep but I mean they're pretty much. Flawless well these are flawless with. Paint they don't have any paint problems. At all really surprised usually I always. Get like the ones that have has a little. Bit of white focusing and then for the. Packet now as I promised updates okay so. This is my first update video which is. Really weird but I guess I'll do an.

Update video now um well for Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund. I haven't filmed episode 10 yet and I'm. Planning on filming at like right after. This one uploads and I honestly don't. Know when it's going to be out so those. For you who watched the series which I. Don't think many of you watch the series. I don't know just the little heads-up. That there's a series out there called. LPS wishes then I make it and yep and. Also another update um don't forget to. Follow me on Google+ that's always one. You

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  • Google girl elf yes hey there guys and. Welcome to another video just the first. Thing I want to say before you start. Wondering i have my window open so sorry. To hear any 9 background noise so we're. Um that you Maddie well anyway I am so. Freaking happy because I got out early. From school and my dad took me to toys r. Us to buy my friend wrote something for. Her birthday party and guess what hey. Let me buy a lil his Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund and guess. When you bought me something I have been. Wanting ever since I first saw it like a.
  • Couple months ago one a couple months. Ago yeah what's her like that my. Reaction when I first saw this was so. Without further ado lish let's get this. Video on okay no you're not supposed to. Leave wait you're not you said on so. Shut up oh so here is the LPS I got da. Da da so as you can see she is my very. First dachshund thing how do you. Pronounce it ever well technically not. Ever there's another type of docs and it. Looks like this but they're ugly and.
  • Their ears are too low so clean up grow. Um Thank You cleanup crew well. Technically is a mommy baby set and Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund. Came with this cute little baby sorry. For the random pause there oh and i. Forgot to mention she comes with this. Little thingy it's not even deco but i. Don't know what it is anyway me and Mac. Are gonna move out of the way so we can. Show you her I really liked this girl. Because she is so freaking cute did this. Little hair on the top of her head feels. Different than the rest of her body what.

I love about her is she looks and feels. Just like the old LPs and this Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund. Bow here is a really cute but I don't. Think I like it on her I think I'm just. Gonna leave it out so I can put on other. LPS i love i love these eyes because i. Love that shade of green and her eyes. Feel like the hair up here and they have. The perfect dimension and feel awesome. She also has this little saddle thingy I. Don't know what it is on her back the. Only reason I don't like this oh PS is.

Review Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund in 2017

Because the paint job on our little. Muzzle is kind of messy I just a Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund. Line here and here there's also a random. Line and you can see some of it was. Painted onto the little body uh I didn't. Know how to word that the baby here is. Also really cute she doesn't have the. Same saddle singing on the back guys. Like our mom but she also has the same. Shade of green eyes and a little mouth. Wait let me grab one of my deck obits. I'm gonna see if I can fit that in her.

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Mouth so it does apparently and I just. Grabbed this random well dog thingy so I. Guess she's eating a Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund shaped cookie. She also has the little hair and a cute. Bow some of you may recognize his LPS. Because it because it is another. Youtuber possum TVs mascot I recommend. You check out her channel she's really. Cool you're probably going to be seen. And yeah just because it's my very first. Littlest Pet Shop Dachshund ever and she's just so cute I. Hope you enjoyed the video and I hope.

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