Hello everybody welcome back to another. Video sorry for the bad lighting but I'm. Very excited because I go to an ebay. Package oh my dough ok so is a leave a. Package and I'm reaching over the. Offenders so excited facism yeah and. Yeah yeah so let's get started and um oh. My god I'm so excited ok so let's open. It so I've been waiting so long for Littlest Pet Shop Collie. I think oh my god ok I'll get open up uh. Yeah I'll be okay geez I can't let me. Just open ok guys it's hit are you ready. Ok ok so it's this baptism Cully and oh.

littlest pet shop collie

Oh my dog ok I just needed to take let's. Just take oh my god i'm i'm looking to. Brag this is my first helping us coming. I thought and oh my dog hey you okay. This is my dog yeah anyways sons as she. Is and oh my god I'm gonna go with get. Hurt opened ok so it it's here ed let's. Open it look ok so this really cute in I. Did not know I was gonna come with Littlest Pet Shop Collie. Austin and hey let me know open it ok. Guys i hope you did it oh my god and it. Comes in this really kitchen ok ok ok.

Littlest Pet Shop Collie Introduction

Somebody probably sing show you guys and. Oh my god oh ok so here nope here Scully. And oh my dog she's so cute and I don't. Think she's fake like a bolero shoes I'm. Sucks i freakin adorable a hair doesn't. Bubble that much consumers to side to. Side and oh oh my dog ok so here is a. Colleague let me just get rid of this ok. Oh waddup ok he is so beautiful I love. Her so much I love her eyes it looks so. Cute uthyo PS law and yeah oh my god. She's so beautiful ok let's get her.

Dressed up alright so thank you guys for. Watching this episode arrow and oh my. God I'm not trying to brag this is the. First of a Littlest Pet Shop Collie and um oh why dog he. Is so cute i love her and yeah so thanks. Guys watching I'll see you next time bye. And um yeah shout oh and by the way. Thanks for eight subscribers oh my god. I'm so happy and um yeah I'm not trying. To brag I'm just really excited I'm. Sorry I'm bragging race or anything oh. Yeah I'm sure you'll find it okay Scully.

  • On ebay somewhere or on you know in the. Flea markets or something and yeah so I. Hope you guys enjoy this video once. Again and like I spy and yeah
  • Hey guys it is LPS crap 777 and today. I'm really really excited because today. I'm doing a super-duper highly requested. Video I have literally been getting. Requests for this video ever since i. Started youtube so to me this is pretty. Exciting so as you know by the title i. Am doing a all of our colleagues video. So in this video i will be showing you. All of my colleagues so let's get. Started so this first Littlest Pet Shop Collie i have is. Rachel is not in any of my current. Series but i will give you guys a little.
  • Hint she will be in my upcoming suites. Which i haven't even released the. Trailer yet so I'm really excited for. You guys do that next kali i have is. Jonathan and he is deep all four paws. Down college i'm jonathan in my series. Abandoned the next kali i have is Alice. She is currently in my series LPS. Survival the next kali i have is ryan. You can find Ryan in my trailer for LPS. The Falls which will be coming out very. Very soon the next kali i have is Laney. He's not in a current series right now.
  • But i'll give you another hint she will. Be in one very soon and i'm really. Excited because we haven't released the. Trailer for that one either so we will. Very soon though x cali i have is um. Brooklyn re i like just totally forgot. About her name for a second but she's. Not in any current series however we are. Working on a trailer for her and my. Other kollywood i'll show you in just a. Second and it's called el ps3 right. Roses and the trailer is coming out this.

Week so I'm really excited for you guys. To see that the next kali i have is alex. A current series right now however he is. I'm one of my trailers LPS the falls he. Is um one of the featured extras in. There the next Littlest Pet Shop Collie i have is Michaela. Yes also known as the sticker I Littlest Pet Shop Collie. Because of her sticker eyes and she is. Not in any of my current series right. Now the next collie i have is Adam Adam. I don't believe is in any of my current. Series right now but he is in an.

Review Littlest Pet Shop Collie in 2017

Upcoming one which I feel like I'm. Giving too much away but they're coming. Out very soon next collie i have is Lola. Ola is one of my first collies and she's. Not in the best condition she is also. Not in a current series X Littlest Pet Shop Collie i have. Is jason we're also known as the paw up. Collie sage from sophiegtv LPS popular x. Kaalia half is sarah she was just an LPS. Abandoned but just got taken out because. She's going to be in a new series of. Mine and i'm really excited for you guys.

To see the trailer for it because it's. Coming out this week so it's really. Exciting next kohli i have is Daniel. Daniel is not a current series however. He is going to be a featured extra in. The falls which you can check out that. Trailer which is a little down lower on. My channel ex-colleague have is daniella. And y ella is starring in the falls and. That is the trailer that i have. Currently on my channel that you guys. Can all check out the last Littlest Pet Shop Collie I have.

Is my custom Littlest Pet Shop Collie Derek basically. Derek came to me as the damage collie so. I just decided to customize him and yeah. Love customizing LPS and it's just. Always been so fun for me and yeah. Alright so you just saw all of my LPS. Collies and i know you probably a little. Confused on which and what series they. Are going to be in I know it's really. Super confusing but you'll see you once. The trailers come out this week and even. If one of my colleagues are not in a. Current or upcoming series you can still.

How to buy Littlest Pet Shop Collie?

See them in the Littlest Pet Shop Collie channel shorts. Which is also a short film section of my. Channel so as you can see I have a lot. Of filming to do but I hope you guys. Enjoyed this video and that you. Subscribe to my channel if you aren't. Already and I'll see you next time bye

Alice elf yes good one see we have a big. LTS cool this bag is quite large so i'll. Be putting out by one by one randomly. And cheney with you let's dive straight. In first we have this dog he's a brown. Spaniel ensures dip dye on the ends of. Her ears which is super cute she's a. Dark chocolate brown she's really. Adorable the quality of this healthiest. Is probably pretty average her bubble is. Leading into the side which is kind of. Annoying Thank You seafood this is a. Little scratched up but from that she's.

  1. Really good quality and I call me to. Share my videos next we have this Littlest Pet Shop Collie. Dean her base color is Debbie pink and. She has hot pink and white details she's. So pretty and I love her eye color she. Is in pretty much perfect condition I. Thought from a little scratch on her. Tail but apart from that she is perfect. Next we have this colleague to the tan. Color with background details and she's. Pretty much in perfect condition he only. Defects I founded this dirty but under.
  2. Her ear and on the back of her head. That's it there I've been in need of. More coffee so I'm so happy to have her. In my collection next is this spaniel. Once again the base color and light tan. With caramel colored details not dark. Brown she's average condition as you can. See here sticker eyes so I got the super. Cheap she's only 2 pounds well like I. Could make her into a costume because. She is the base of a spaniel and they're. Expensive usually has a chip there on.
  3. Her I and a couple on the back of her. Head but apart from that she is good to. Go next we have another Littlest Pet Shop Collie she's. Super pretty she has a dark purple base. With white details I've always wanted. This Kali she's are so cute i would say. Sadly she is kind of average too low. Condition i bobl is perfect but anything. Is like the marks here on her mouth with. The white i can probably go everyone wet. Paint and she have like little scratches. Here and there so maybe I can try clear.
  4. Those up but she just needs a bit of spa. Time and maybe she'll be conditions and. Then haha noses a pink color and her. Eyes are looking to the side because. Let's actually look to the side so cute. Here is the last pet in the school and. It's a dash and forward Dashon how ever. You fayette she's a medium brown color. With pink details I think she was a. Vampire special I'm not too sure once. Again average condition all of our. Details are nicely intact but the bubble.

Is a bit spinny and her nose a little. Chip there I look a little hot mug there. And her eyes are really pretty too so. These are all the LPS I got today. They're all super cute now you're. Watching don't forget to subscribe like. And comment down below which of these. Pets is your favorite so see you soon hi. Guys thank you for watching my new video. If you want to watch my previous video. Click to the left or if you want to. Watch a random video of mine click to. The right see you soon

Hey guys it's jason and kathy my LPS Littlest Pet Shop Collie. From ebay so let's see lips in a dress. As a bone isn't it suppose to go middle. That looks so cute get the thigh skin. Yeah yeah so adorable I like it so much. And I've already got a name for it and. I'm not going to cold amber I'm going to. Call it all I saw since um she's gonna. Be she is so awesome I'm looking so much. Thank you so much yay now I get it why. People like her so much and you survey. Yes she has no max it is so adorable I. Love it so much so that's on you LPS Littlest Pet Shop Collie.

Kali number something it's so oh no she. Remember I can't refuse yeah you did. Come from ebay so yeah thank you sir so. Anyway okay us a call I hope you're. Doing good

Hi so what do you what do you want you. What you want well I didn't want you to. Get mad at me it's just sorry you're not. Go away I don't see any more I'm just. Trying to get a cold to go okay i just. Want way to be friends a lot fine if you. Want me to leave I'll leave oh go maybe. Why would you be penned with me I want. To be friends number would be Littlest Pet Shop Collie. May I try one more time mmm-hmm what Oh. What do you want hmm what what do you. Want is nothing to know for you this is.

None of your business please I just. Wants to be friends I'm sorry for what I. I want to know I'm here if you don't. Like me it's okay it doesn't really. Matter to me to be honest it's just I. Just wants us to be friends we want you. Can tell anyone because me or not but if. I tell you you'll be mad at me or you. Don't like me that's why you can't. Understand unlike that spoiled cat oh. And don't you ask me again don't you cat. Ask me again I shouldn't trust her even.

Choose a cat I shouldn't trust her. Oh lights on look I shouldn't like. Hello hello is anybody in there girl. Girl hello is very minor yes come in why. You so mad at me I'm not mad I got she's. Sad the why i just do anything what it's. Not your business no matter what it's. Not your business anyways rush tired up. I just want to know lace I tried so hard. For you to understand me now you're. Doing this what got up to you I no idea. And I want you to stop this mess right.

Now it's not fun for you to do to slay I. Don't figured you would do that and. There's such a shame and things of your Littlest Pet Shop Collie. Body it's ok not ok to rid of bread. That's because some ever be fine. No sense Paula don't even like your. Stinking face god I guess you know would. Be friendly now that's a way how to get. So messed up whiny to you I do not like. Her she is so weird her face is so ugly. Like the AG euless star in the world. He's not going to be a star I can tell.

Everybody that she's a complete loser. She had ruined my life and now in our. Own horse starting tomorrow starting. Today and it is it's not going to be. That pretty but it's worth it so I know. Starting bbp beep beep aah beep beep. Beep beep beep beep beep beep pppppp. Surely now wouldn't you want I just. Won't say that what ya don't forgive me. I'll able to I'm evil things to me she. Hurt my step sister Charlotte and I am. Fix all starting today at my birthday.

Party at my party I can't wait I can. Invite everybody like a Littlest Pet Shop Collie best. Two big hat I'm not gonna write that. Stupid cat I like her at all no we did. Not like a snow cat no girls are pretty. Started a creeper oh man saw way back in. The mind gonna picket swinging from side. To side sighs sighs your slide this. Escamole want to find some time to dive. Into total shock build your body oh I. It's gonna get inside ty ty ty. So I here make a party starting that. Night here's my party puppy I came to. Dig dig dig dig I'll build a city I'm so. Big big big big just wait a sec gotta. Call this big big big big cook me some. Bacon take a swing swing swing swing. Yeah yeah there might be something I can. Climb the burden of this creeper scale. I guess you like me to your party thank. You but I'm still gonna ruin your life. Right it's still be my plan my ringer.

I'm your twin sister that doesn't want Littlest Pet Shop Collie. You anymore and I need but I'm not even. Here glad I'm so glad welcome it come on. Shayla please call me that that's my. So let's get started on this party guys. Guys I guess sure the pretty what guys. I'm not gonna let you loser coming no. Don't do to my lovely friends what'd you. Ever do that to her are you okay get out. Of my wake slinky loser and don't you. Dare step in my royal bed get away fer. And get on my house right now okay maybe.

Dad's right this whole tension mat you. Made her be a disaster to me what school. Wasn't my fault Seth ha shouldn't have a. Sister I to you shouldn't have strike. You what do you want Littlest Pet Shop Collie. Did what is you'd be nicer to other. People that's my wife sweet sweet treat. That Sami fell on me fell on me just out. Of nowhere no one telling me telling me. Caught off guard with no weaponry. Weaponry I'll stumbled off and tell he.

Can't see me can't see me put a torch up. Now now I'm building with my hands make. A cable out of place I'm crafted if I. Can I only have a little time I don't. Have time to waste waste it away so wait. What the crap what to make think I'll. Make some cake my god goes down I need a. Cow I'll find some weight and one egg. Now the sweet sweet treat all I need a. Sugar cane I'll make some cake I'll make. You spelled for me spell for me this. Cakes so good it tastes so well do me.

Well to me it makes me stronger I get Littlest Pet Shop Collie. Well quickly well quickly I'll kill them. I don't you ever do this to her three. One two three pull my sword out now get. Your hat away from a beautiful fur other. Piece oh goody what do you do it you. Don't actually my normal socks I'll show. That saw me who's boss but then I'll. Need is poison snake with the rest of my. Cake down by a cow Oh fine really oh I. Do marry okay oh I don't want you to be. Like this I think that's better oh it's.

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