We are going to show you a Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua of your energy is ashley show you guys. To all those pet shops that we're gonna do. Sorry my phones in the way um and then we're going to like play with someone. And we're going to hold on i'm going to wear them today but we're going to plan. Without and I tell them tomorrow yeah tomorrow which is saturday or we might. Do it tonight it just depends and i also have a back to school and want to put in. Your binder tutorial so we'll do that after i should upload your video on. So my Instagram is either Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua underscore lover that part is correct. But either one seven five six or 6 250 tomb and our YouTube is candy blogs i. Will put all the information in the description box below that what you guys. Ok so that's the only one you well you forgot to do by all I had my Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua. Because I don't I was I find terrible yeah. Ok now let's get on with the show. Sorry I'm just gonna fix this for a second now you got oh my littlest many.

littlest pet shop chihuahua

World cups you probably 15 knows that job as a lot house and they're like. So do I can you can you go through and tell us what kind of animals there. Well I think this one is a Joey. I agree that one I think is your dock the mouse up. I think that stock yeah that's a cat can actually. Oh yeah and i think that might be am well known as that monkey is like I. I don't know what's going on that one I know that one of eight.

Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua Introduction

I hate you because of its nose. No this is a pic oh right okay you know that's why I picked the hippo. Hmm that word um it's an ant eater. puppy puppy cancer scroll whatever. Turtle panda box dog and hippie pine nuts huh. Ok they are out sorry I got all the I all these for Ashley I'm for like two. Weeks ago and so when I finally gets here just decide to get the door. Two weeks ago because you're mostly. Oh sorry I only go to my dads on like everything we can.

Other every other weekend either way to all weekends weeks after wherever you go. But in the summer she gets to see that's really a week. Um yeah so everyone days to make youtube videos dreams number and we have a snow. Day or like five those days in a row. I want snow is really bad in the best thing is that it's october right now so. I anyway let's get on with the video that way on my phone doesn't die before.

  • The way my names for all of these cuts right. Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua now out of all of these pads which five are your favorite. This one's my favorite can this one's worth out of the box the box is my. Favorite band box box is my favorite this one to look at it. So there's your five favorite I agree. My favorite exit my favorite out of all these is the box. My favorite out of all of them is a sparkle why is back.
  • Around so that is Ashley's little touch-ups. Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahuais four minutes and 31 32 33 sorry. Alright guys so we're gonna end the video and in my next video I'm going to. Show you guys a arm want to put in your binder for back to the neck. I'm gonna put them out sorry i just really all you're 18. Yeah so you guys all know i'll put a picture down there. Yeah all right and see so i will put them down in the description box i'll. Give them each of them my name. I would not want to be fox so we'll just like Fox and then put / them put their. Yeah alright so we're going to end this video we will talk to you guys next time
  • Hey guys and today I'm going to be doing a review on to all when Arnie 6 i'm not. Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua is just a review it was fifteen dollars on ebay and i bought it with my. All right i'm just going to push the accessories aside for ya. So let's start with her face she has to. I colors the bottom is purple in the top this pink as you can see at the bottom. Half of her face is a creamy white color then there's a stripe of it going all. The way up to the top of her head. Then on her upper half of her head she has like an orange brown color not a few.
  • Patches above the eye and also on her ears in the inside of her ears is a dark. Chocolate brown piece has the same color brown on her nose and the back of her. Head is mostly the creamy whitish color and then the ears are still the orange. It's mostly the creamy color but on her paws and her back is the orange e brown. Like i said is the white color. Ok so here is in overview of her.

Overview of her head in an overview on her body. Ok so now let's get down to the accessories so she has this white glow. You're just going to put that on her like that and she has this vanilla ice. Cream with some sprinkles and it's any waffle cone. So no negative comments by shut up in the description. And I forget to do that then they'll be in the comments. So if i forget to put them in the description don't worry they'll be in.

Review Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua in 2017

Might be there is a hell yes I have friends going to pay the best. Whoo hey what's up you guys check it out. Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua is back with another little spat shop and here is bri Nicholson if you watched. My video and I opened her if you have it you should cuz she's just so cute when i. Was on the back of that video i was looking at all these pets and i said. That i really wanted feathers Underwood. So check it out you guys I can't believe I got her so when the opener and i'll. Show you what comes with her and I was so easy.

So this just like pretty much popped out it's like home. It's like a little compass or maybe like a Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua and then. So now let's get all these rubber bands and ties. Gosh all right I got it now let's get this little time. There we go ok you guys so here's your little deco bit and it can go on her. Head are in her wing which i think it still is still killed. I just love and how she has like the flat and the brown it almost looks like. Big like flowers around her bright green eyes and this like super bright little.

How to buy Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua?

Yellow beak on her like all blue body and then I just like how her like foot. Is standing out and and her wings are out like she's about to land on. Something and she's just so cute and this is just like the little logo that. You can scan the pet into the LPS your world app it's really easy actually just. Like take a picture of it but i'll make a video on it like showing exactly what. Are you guys she's just so cute.

And here is the LPS pamphlet. I don't hey it's all right don't really like take them out anymore because it's. Just like so i usually just Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua huh. And so it's showing like ah the pet shop toys that you can get so it's really. It's it says design your world your way so it's really cool that they have you. And so here is a babalu I think it's her name and she was on the back of the box. So that's kind of funny LOL and then each other under word. Okay and like looking for people and on the back it shows all of the pets that.

  1. You can get in like the boxes and stuff so all of these are on in the package. That is with getting glamorous and then there. Some of them are like together I think those two might be together and some of. Them are like a single by themselves like feathers Underwood there may and. Bring it then there's just the app and then here is feathers under it again. Are you guys so i hope you get her if you want her or any of that other Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua. Bye you guys hope you like her as much as I do
  2. Again and i don't think you like the devil & %. Oh I think he thought it was pretty funny but not all awake funny because. That one horrible ending was kind of devil. So dry it's hard to say bye when you making videos for a long time. Sorry I made a lot of idiot
  3. Everybody remembers now only five. Opening a shadow box today it looks like. It's ketchup shadow it comes to wear one. Wolfie I wouldn't have that one we do. Double decker and what it seems time. That is actually the disco ball. No they don't have no idea what this. Girl is open and look at it on speaker. Oh yeah that's right so I re have this. Yeah so we can scan that pad and that. And hopefully opens on your level and we. Can play it what it even has why we so.
  4. We got no this is out the colors and the. Chapel bit this I bottom-feeder pink. Ok this is the path back in nampa. Oh god I see something to standing. Well first before we do that let's set. Up the whole bus because we would have. What does it go all right what else what. Other successes we have that I don't. Yeah we can go into either goes on top. Or bottom where we like it gets the ball.

Out what I go I can go Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua, I think it goes on top it's on top. Racy that yeah and it yeah what's next. What what is this green the whole thing. But I follow the job that I love finding. Old are the particular ation what after. You have now always focused on coming. Out of speaker gotta put some stickers. Stickers on so we're almost done with. This side let's put more stickers on the. Ok so we have to talk about the things.

We still have to continue to put Littlest Pet Shop Chihuahua. Put them here is already and I'm. Whatever have max last thing we have to. Decorate the bus with this little party. I shadows all said alright let's see. Yeah whooping movie will be broken would. Be yeah so if anybody unless they're. Going to part in our party what was. Next let's let's get the ipad and then. Can i can write opening the game. Yeah come on I mean that's done the skin. Oh look it's called up a scanner let's. Let's go back to our boss okay can't a. Guy and thanks for the open this with me

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