Hi everyone what's that bitch that. Littlest Pet Shop Beagle here and today we're gonna open. Some of these new lps ever since has 40. Came out with a new design I was just. Like no kids no yes no the thing is that. I kind of change my mind i mean i don't. Think i will start collecting new ones. The same way as i collect your own ones. I just don't want to be against the new. Ones as much as I've been so today I. Thought that I would record when I. Opened some of the new generation pets. I'm just going to review them if that.

littlest pet shop beagle

Makes sense so let's get Littlest Pet Shop Beagle to go above. Three single packs and up blind bag. Let's just take this there at first even. Though it's not cold earlier I don't. Remember what these are called in. English it Stow's who like run around on. The savanna right let's see if it's. Easier to open them to old ones whoa. That was pretty dang easy finished up a. Paper punch out let's see what is this. It's basically some stuff about the app. That you can download hey where did it. Oh yeah it's like these small drums that.

Littlest Pet Shop Beagle Introduction

You play in Africa I think this is Littlest Pet Shop Beagle. Some random information i guess in the. Old ones you got like this same type of. Paper and it showed like Oh type of pets. You could get and its exact same thing. Here I like your colors it's super. And here we got the one that I had right. Now bong a bill of them name and it's in. A category Safari so this is on safari. I'm good i like everything so far let's. See if that changes now so how the heck. Do I make this like thingy what I'm.

Supposed to pull it. Oh ok Wow the material is like so. Strange just like so squishy look at Littlest Pet Shop Beagle. I'm oodles and I can fight gonna mind. Your bottle bill and you can spin it. Like crazy what is that supposed to feel. Like god it's supposed to feel like. Plastic but a painting on this one is. Awesome but I don't like it were like. Big LPS science okay I'm gonna like this. One it doesn't feel like an LPS toe oh. It's just like playing the drums okay. That's super adorable to attend wait.

  • What okay um what you know Littlest Pet Shop Beagle aren't. Supposed to be able to take their heads. Off okay so i basically like the. Painting but I don't like the material. And not the fact that you can pull off. Their heads where this one is super cute. Let's move on to the next one apparently. At the footage of me opening this LPS. Disappeared so we will have to jump. Through third one and one step where I. Got this amazingly cute plot of us but. Before we take it out of its package I.
  • Think we should take a look at the. Packaging so I Bradley it's a lot of. Stuff going on with the like up the back. It looks like this yes tons of boring. Information and you're different it says. The Littlest Pet Shop Beagle name and then a number as well. So this is or naturally and it's number. Three 885 let's open the cutie. Such a pretty flower ouch she adores me. She can't just let go of me what a cutie. I can't believe it look at this no I. Guess it's a kinda good way to make the.
  • Thread go through the Littlest Pet Shop Beagle but I don't. Know this one is such a cutie pie dough. But once again I don't like to head out. The fact that it's like so squishy no. And when it's this material it gets. Dirty so easily I mean these are brand. New and there is like already some type. Of dirt here where I think I want. Likewise their hole at the tail and. There's also the head okay it's Friday. Flower yes that's pretty cute and this. Is just weird really I almost think this. Ms my favorite because it's so adorable.
  • Alex like a little baby platypus so this. Little fella belongs to get wings things. And the beaks group you can see her. Right there accessories are really. Pretty I really like a little drums on. The bow and all I cannot stop but I do. Not like the fact that you have to stick. Them in Littlest Pet Shop Beagle it doesn't look good if you. Haven't got a bow in the holes or. Something it sounds pretty weird but I. Hope you understand what I mean I do not. Like to factor us can drag the obvious.

Heads of the new styles of the Littlest Pet Shop Beagle. Very creative and I love the paint job. As well I just don't know really what I. Think about these new ones i have got. Different opinions about them okay i do. Like them but I would never prefer them. Before the old ones okay now for the. Last thing today leinbach give you start. Off with looking at the packaging I. Think it's super premium I like the fact. That it shows like on the pester you. Think it and the colors are really.

Review Littlest Pet Shop Beagle in 2017

Pretty the one thing that I don't like. About it is the thing that you can see. What pet you're gonna get is a little. Hole right here and if you move the Littlest Pet Shop Beagle. You can see what pet it is right here. The whole funny thing with like blind. Bags is the fact that you can feel like. Oh this might be an elephant cuz it. Feels like one but these ones are just. Like my wonder what pet i will get let's. Just look that's not a flying back at. All but I that's my opinion you can. Think whatever you want now let's stop.

Being so negative and try opening this. Line back there we go whoa we started. Smelling a lot of plastic oops okay. First off let's look at the little paper. Maybe that we haven't got it right here. You can see all the pets that you can. Get I would really like to start. Now is he a pet that I got oh my dog. What I cute if I let's put the phone you. Like that you look a little grumpy so. This was my opinion about the new. Generation pets this was my first time.

We were finally see you once and yeah as. I said I got some different opinions. About them so I want to thank you all so. Much watching this video and I will see. You tomorrow in another with you see. Awesome bye

How to buy Littlest Pet Shop Beagle?

Are you guys so I'm here with the lead. Singer of the soul patches and I'm going. To scan her in to the Littlest Pet Shop Beagle free. Littles patch up your world app alright. So this is um Philadelphia it's a really. Long name and I kind of have some. Trouble setting it so if I mess up it's. Just because of that so hurt um there's. This little blue box with the little pet. Logo pop it in there and you just tap it. It'll come up with the camera usually or. Show you a short video that doesn't. Explain like a lot at all um and so you.

Just line up this paw print with the paw. Print on the back of their head and I'll. Do a bunch of stars after that it'll. Like dance around and look really cute. So there she is hopping around oh. There's my Instagram someone started. Following me aren't you guys should. Check that out okay see as you can tell. That's a big tongue twister of a name. She's a dog and it says for philly music. Is the best she sings and lives in a. Style that is all her own and her prop.

  1. Is a microphone and then she only stays. For one day are you guys sound now she's. In the app and you can have fun with on. The lead singer of soul patches are you. Guys by my BFF is well Littlest Pet Shop Beagle i have other. Friends but they're the best whoo
  2. Cookies worlds chocolate chip cookie. Fans we are going to be hanging out with. These adorable Littlest Pet Shop Beagle oh my goodness. This is the colorfully sweet collection. And oh my goodness are they colorful and. They sure are sweet this looks like a. Bunch of candy in here this is the pink. Set of the most adorable little LPS. Creatures oh my goodness are cute oh my. Goodness so here is the rest of the. Collection so we are gonna be checking. Out these guys right here Oh NATO mouth. And Murphy they also come a sweet little.
  3. Roller ruse to so let's open up this. Package and see what we have inside yeah. Little betcha okay check it out okay. Look at this first little adorable LPS. From this set right here is the little. Beagle puppy dog this adorable little. Beagle is like bubble gum color and do. You see their kind of see-through clear. They're just like really gummy looking. He looks like a gummy candy or something. The sweetie little puppy dog plus he's. Got a little bit of some white little.
  4. Fur right here and look at its face it. Looks like it has chocolate on it. Because of its little adorable patch. Right here oh whoa so cute I mean the. Little dogs are just absolutely adorable. But this color the fact that he's super. Gummy makes him even sweeter so I love. The puppy dog so we've got the adorable. Little eagle there yay and then oh my. Goodness check this little critter out. This is a little prairie dog that is. Part of this set and he's like a. Beautiful dark pink or like a purple.

Raspberry kind of color oh my goodness. He's beautiful he also has little tiny. White underneath him and then look at. His little face pattern yo so cute and. Then of course he's got his little teeth. He's out too he's adorable and sweet. Also he looks like a gummy candy as well. I love these little gummy creatures so. Here is all in the detail to awesome. Okay and then the last one that this set. Comes with is well look at the chin. Chilla okay the chinchilla is okay whoa.

Okay look at that body Oh. Whole okay that looks like candy right. There this little tiny candy chinchilla. Is super sweet look at the face her face. She's got cinnamon swirls inside of her. Ears and then she's got oh look at those. Curly lashes oh I didn't seem lashes. Like that those are beautiful the little. Tiny white on her face right here wow. Okay fantastic and the chinchilla tail. It just curls up like this with a little. Bit of some white on the tip right there.

So her coloring is just fantastic i love. I love how she's like clear these ones. Don't totally have a clear body but the. Chinchilla definitely has more of a. Translucent body way cool and of course. You can move their heads back and forth. Yep awesome awesome awesome and then of. Course something that's super fun with. This set is that they come with so roll. Arrays are these super fun little round. Little balls that look at that look like. Little gumball candies right here so.

Here are the little roller ruse what so. Let's check them out so this one right. Here oh it's a little tiny bagel okay so. This little puppy doggy right here with. Its tiny little puppy feet actually. Matches our little beagle so this is a. Littlest Pet Shop Beagle roller roof friend Lou so. They can just hang out so these you can. Just hang out and look as sweet as sugar. Together and then of course we wet oh of. Course they're gonna play around and. Then of course this one right here is.

Supposed to be our little prairie dog. With its little tiny feet in his little. Ears and of course it's little dorable. Lashes looks just like this one hmm so. These two can hang out together well and. Then the last roller ruin the set is of. Course Arabic jinja so this little. Chinchilla right here oh they even gave. It the swirly little candy print ears. How adorable oh I love a little swirly. Swirly swirly candies so yeah little. Tiny rollover you're a cutie cutie whoo. And then of course now that you have a.

Bunch of your role aru's right here with. Their matching bigger LPS we have a. Little a little costume to dress them up. In stuff so one of them can't roll. Like a mouse with this cute little mouse. Costume and look at the little curly. Tail all ok it comes with a fake roller. Roo on the inside so you can just take. This guy out see just cardboard right. There so we can put this away and then. This guy right here we can dress up in. This little costume whatever roller ooh.

We want so who wants to be a mouse i do. I do i do lady ok so let's take the our. Littlest Pet Shop Beagle puppy dog and let's put. Our roller ruin their oh look at I have. A little puppy dog so now let's try. Another one so pop them out let's put. Our little candy chinchilla in here so. Cute it has its head like turn to the. Side like oh awesome awesome awesome i. Love this set the colors just blow my. Mind because these pink colors are just. So rich and beautiful and just fantastic.

I love it this Littlest Pet Shop Beagle and still like. Dazzled by her like clear body I love it. So much awesome well thank you so much. Cooking fans for joining me in this. Little toy review I love these little. LPS they're super adorable you can find. Them online and mother the little roller. Rules oh my goodness so i will see you. Cookie fans in the next video please do. Not forget to subscribe become a cookie. Fan the link is in the description box. Below well do not forget that you are.

Awesome and i hope you have a wonderful. Day thank you so much for hanging out by. Littlest Pet Shop Beagle took 52 listen Oh cookie. Fans hi you're at the very end awesome. Whoa hi farwell Rolly Rolly room whoa. Whoa Oh anyways cookie fans I guess. You're looking for the secret cookie. Word because you made it all the way to. The end of the video did you know that. Some subscribers don't even know that. This secret cookie word exists oh that. Makes you even more special and awesome.

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