Hey folks Jim here but this is a video. To demonstrate i'm focusing on right now. I've got a pair of klh speakers vintage model 23. Speakers folks these are like a. Successor to the famous model five. Speakers you know pretty much have about. The same type of drivers and but it's. Just you know a little bit of a later. Update to the klh speakers five more or less. They're in really nice you know working. They've been recapped and you know. Basically so they're in really good. Shape and i'll show you let me just.

klh speakers

Klh Speakers Introduction

Focus first you know that's one of the klh Speakers and this is the other one here. If you just got them stacked on top of. Some other speakers but I what I can do. Is a you know we'll take the grill off. And skate so just taking the grill off. You know you can see that's the one. Speaker the drivers are in really good. You know condition in as well as the. Tweeters in the grill you know is held. Down by velcro so just put that one back. On and i can show you the other one as.

  • Well take a look and that's the klh speakers. Speaker and again drivers in Nice shape.
  • And you know just taking the grill off. Cabinets are in pretty good shape and.
  • Just get klh speakers back on there for you. Don't really have the girls on that. Great but you get the idea so anyway so.
  • The cabinet's you know they're in okay. Shape you know they're definitely not.
  • Perfect as a couple you know kind of. Minor maybe marks here and there on but.
  • Otherwise and you know pretty good klh speakers. Just trying to skin over the both of.

Book the cabinet is one section is a little bit of a near missing down on the klh speakers. One speaker right great net point where. My picture is we will take a look at the. Back you know you see you've got the. Classic Twitter a little hard to see but. That's you know picture adjustable. Tweeter measurements in there and serial. Also on these two so but you'll see. That's the back of the other one and so. Anyway folks would like you to do is. We'll take an opportunity to listen to.

These and just got hooked up so much klh speakers Gotta Conrad Johnson preamp. Then that's a rega CD player so let me. Start I'll start out with some acoustic. Music so you can get an idea of how it. You know does with acoustic music here. Speaker sound really nice i'll just. Adjust the balance control so you can. See ok just the left speaker right now. Okay and then what I do is well just. Over now that's just the right speaker. Right there just the balance back okay.

How to buy Klh Speakers?

Just let me get a little more up-tempo. Song that you can hear these on you know klh speakers. They've got a lot of bass for their size. And you know it's just a really good you. Know classic New England style you know. Acoustic suspension speaker so here we. Go this is a little bit more up-tempo. Song Sharon Jones & the dap-kings. Ok folks just wanted to pause it so you. Get the idea i'll just put in another CD.

And you know you hear a little bit different style music this is putting klh speakers. Some Norah Jones here this cute up. Just going to turn that down so i can. Just stop the CD so anyway folks you get. The idea that it really sound great and. They've been you know recapped and then. Pretty much you know good to go. These are great vintage sounding. Speakers and their big too so you know. Definitely they have some weight and. Have to him anyway folks thanks for. Looking and have a great night

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