Hey guys it's lean and sorry if I sound. Kind of funny my name is kind of stopped. Up but just ignore it but anyway today. I'm going to be doing a review on the. New 18 inch doll I got um she's not an. American rule all but she is a dirty. Journey Girls and she I love her a lot and I'm. Going to show her show you the outfits. That I have with her and no one that she. Came in and I changed her already and. I'm going to show you the majority she. Sleeps on that I got my crack so let's. Get started okay so this is not the.

journey girls

Outfit that she came in but I changed. Her into it today so I'm just going to. Review Journey Girls Doll and it at the same time so. Start it from the top and go to the. Bottom so up in her hair she has a cute. Little white lace bow and red is like. The hair band she has bright blue eyes. With real Eilish I'll eyelashes goodness. Painted on eyebrows and her eyes do not. Close but I really don't care so and she. Has like these peach colored lips and. Sorry my throat really anyway and she.

Journey Girls Doll Introduction

Has like this lace white shirt with a. Red one underneath because you don't. Want to see through it and she has this. Cute Journey Girls get off its like. Berated looking you'll see that. There's your bracelet and it's really. Hard to get this off of her like within. No matter of seconds if it's like how I. Had it on so here's your little purse. Vince like a little satchel and inside. Of it I put forward erasers that I got. In my book fair and out this one that.

Was not okay and this one is hers the. Pink with the one getting back and this. One is Annabeth's the greenback and on. It it has prefs clock video fine news. Calendar home contacts maps tweets mail. Camera journal re-record friends chat. Phone and Wi-Fi and yes it's opened I. Know it's like fuzzy brown inside so we. So okay so here are her jeans and her. Shoes her jeans are like this really. Cool comfortable looking design and her. Shoes are brown with a white stripe.

  • Right here and really that's all for. That outfit here is the outfit that Journey Girls. Came in this outfit has a red overcoat. And on the inside has a white undershirt. And there's black buttons these are her. Jeans that she came in and they're. Similar to the ones on the other outfit. And yeah they're really cute here are. Her shoes that are black with um red. Bows on the lock on the top and so there. Is the outfit that she came in these are. Her pajamas that my grandma made me and. This is the german girl finger that came.
  • With her first outfit that i should read. And I really like these pajamas because. They have flowers and animals and. Butterflies I'm pretty leaves on them. And the pants are the same it's really. Really cute so I really really like it. Here is another outfit that my mom gave. Me and it has like as you can see in the. Picture there's a little Sun right sir. And here is your bathing suit it is has. A white little overcoat and this and.
  • There it is in the picture but I haven't. Opened it yet because it's snowing. Outside right now so I'm going to wait. Till it's warmer to open it which is. Yeah and the box is really pretty it has. Paris or Paris I cannot see you today it. Yeah i'm not the best best places so. Here at a little sandals and here they. Are in the picture finest and i really. Like this outfit it's really cute and. Yeah so now i'm going to show you her. Bed and the other clothes on my Journey Girls.
  • Mimi so let's go here's the bed that I. Made for her not the actual bed but the. Blanket I didn't make the blanket but. Like I made up the bed and this is like. One of those little things when you are. Sick and you put on your forehead and it. Has like corn or whatever had corn or. Beans in it i think it's corn dance. Cornet in jail and here is a blanket and. Its really soft and i just use it as the. Mattress and the blankets i should get. Slide in and here's the other output.

That my grandma made me and it is on. Annabeth right now and that's her bed. And her outfit has like a cute little. Flower tea um shirts and leopard print. Pants and what I really really really. Like about it is the purse here's the. Person his lever print and its really. Cute so there is the sort of telephony. Outside figure that word and so is there. Is the outfit that my grub on the other. Ok guys I really hope you enjoyed this. Video don't forget to comment rate and.

Review Journey Girls in 2017

What's going on everybody um alright so. First I want to thank poised r us for. For sending me this awesome journey. Girls doll journey girls is a doll line. That is designed under under toys r us. So um yeah so thank you toys r us this. Is so cool and I'm really excited. Because this is the first time that I. Have reviewed a journey girls doll yes. So these journey girls dolls these are. Based on a group of girlfriends who just. Travel there's a one two three four five. Six there's seven of them and I believe.

This is one of the the newer this is one. Of the the newer lines of journey girls. In this line they have traveled to Italy. And I have a Kyla here and there's like. This little um it looks like a little. Luggage tag on the inside of the. Packaging here and it has her name and. It's just this picture of this really. Adorable little girl and she's painting. And it says Kyla is an amazing artist. Who loves to share her creative. Inspiration with all of her friends um. I'm super excited to to take her out of.

How to buy Journey Girls Doll?

The box and give her a good review so. Let's do that right so uh here she is. She's so pretty I really like these. Girls um there-there a great alternative. To to a lot of the the more expensive 18. Inch dolls that people collect but their. Dimensions and they're there they're 18. Inches but their dimensions are a little. Different so their clothes aren't going. To fit a lot of other 18 inch dolls and. A lot of other 18 inch doll clothes are. Not going to fit these so luckily there.

Are there are little fashion packs that. You can buy for these dolls and they're. Actually well made and they look really. Cool so they have definitely stayed true. To the the trip to Italy with with these. Girls I love how they put the stripes on. On the the the sleeves of the shirt and. Across is this Chow and this skirt this. Is it's a very unique little skirt it's. A Velcro so you can just take it off but. Yeah it's just it's a very strange shirt.

  1. Like i've never seen anything like Journey Girls or. Not skirt it's a strange skirt I'm sorry. Yeah it's kinda it's a very strange. Material but it's really cool and they. Have these shoes that are removable and. These little itty-bitty feet um these. Are really really really cute dolls I. Enjoy them um let's get her shoe back on. Her now their hair is super thick and. Super super soft um I like it I like a. Doll with with with hair like this this. Is really good and they have these they.
  2. Don't have a the sleepy eyes she has um. I don't know if it's like plus I don't. Know what you would call the dumb you. Know I I don't know what you'd call the. Eyes but they're really pretty but. They're not sleepy eyes but they're not. Plat they're not on the the painted on. Eyes either like they're really really. Beautiful and they look very real so I. Don't know if you can really see that. But it looks really awesome and they. Have lashes too and i really i really. Like these i think these are perfect for.
  3. Collecting i think they're perfect for a. Child's play they're really awesome the. Articulation their uh their heads move. And their arms and their legs they're. Not jointed you know they don't have. Hinge joints or anything but yeah. They're really cute now the another. Difference is a lot of dolls that are. Like this have like the vinyl arms neck. And face and legs but this one is plush. Mid mid way so it's like it's the rest. Of this is not plush up here it's only.
  4. Plush from here down. She is a you're cute thank you now I am. No stranger to out and check out the bag. It comes to this little bag okay so now. We got that out of the way now I'm no. Stranger to journey girls dolls I. Actually have one other than this one I. Was actually curious about them a while. Back when I saw them at toys r us and I. Bought one um I love redheads and I love. Strange I colors I've just I look at. Dolls a little differently they're very. Artistic to me and this is a Kelsey.

She's from one of the earlier why's this. Is she's not from the Italy the journey. Girls Italy dolls but she's really. Really really pretty and i just bought. Her Journey Girls of curiosity I never reviewed. Her um I was going to buy another one at. One point to actually review but i just. Wanted to buy one get a feel for it and. See how I felt about them and I like. Them I think they're really cool um so. You have a friend Kelsey all right guys. What are your thoughts um make sure you.

Go good when you go to Toys R Us check. Out the the journey girls I'll they uh. They have a lot of really awesome stuff. And thank you again toys r us for. Sending her to me I really appreciate it. Guys don't forget to give this a thumbs. Up comment subscribe and share and know. That I love you and I want you to say. Awesome adios amigos

Hey guys it's me when he I am so excited. For this opening in Review it is a new. Thing that is from toys r us and it's by. The brand's journey girls and it is the. Cruiser bike and it's only twenty. Dollars which is such a great deal. Compared to American girl or our. Generation and I think I like this one. Better and joining me is summer Angeles. Beast in here looking pretty like always. And I got my scissors I'm ready to open. It up but I'm not actually going to show. You guys me cutting the box open and.

Stuff because of prior take me about 20. Minutes so I'm going to pause the video. I'll see you guys on a good hey guys so. I'm back and it was really that hard to. Open it only took me about five minutes. The first thing is the helmet and I. Think it's just so cute I like how it. Blends colors from blue to white so. Staging on it for journey girls it has. An adjustable strap in case your dolls. Heads big and then a snap so then you. Can snap together like a real bike would.

Make sure the lift this because if she. Falls and hits her head on a rock now. Make sure her head is protected thank. You first now for the bike part of it. The colors are white blue purple on the. Front it has the blue lining on the tire. And then the tires are like a hard. Plastic but they kind of feel like a. Rubber but they're not really rubber and. Then for the pedals they're purple and. They have a strap on it so you're. Talking strap her feet on so and then. When she peddles her legs move it also.

Has a grey wheel thing on the bottom so. Then when she's riding she doesn't fall. So it makes her stand up straight then. The back board is purple and this is. Real metal that goes up and this is I. Think like a book bag thing where you. Put her bag on it and I was like you. Could put American Girl lunchbox on it. And hold it like this and then she could. Just ride with her backpack on back the. Seat is purple and then most of this is. Blue it says journey girls on the side.

With some stickers the pom-poms are pink. Purple and blue and then on the side of. The bike on the handlebars it has a bell. On it a bell on it it's white I thought. They wouldn't change it to a different. Color like grey or something it's why. And then the handlebars are kind of like. A banana seat handlebars I guess and so. Cute and then in the very throne just. Got turned around it has a basket says. Jg on it and inside you can actually put. A lot of stuff and it's plastic too and.

The most of the bike is plastic but it's. A really hard dick plastics I don't. Think you can break that easel and less. You sat on it or something now for the. Chain on the bottom it doesn't actually. Move at all I think it's yeah it's going. Down onto this part of it but it's just. For pretend to can't really make it move. Or anything when she peddles but it's. Dokie tap it on there so this is how the. Wheels move and they have like these. Slot things in them make them look.

Really cool and Journey Girls rolls really nice I. Thought carpet but it still rolls nice. On here and it sit ups pretty good cuz. Of this thing on the bottom I hoped you. Guys liked this heard of you and I hope. You can find out at your local Toys R Us. Or buy it online and it was only twenty. Dollars again which is just a great. Price so I hope you liked this review. And i'll see you guys in the mixer you

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