Ok this is a video explaining why you have to be careful about G12 Coolant. This is my 05 Kroll which takes the Toyota pink non silicate cool and when i. Bought it had the orange decks cool cool in it and so then I had a shop change it. Out thinking that they would put the right stuff in but now they put the. Green stuff in which is also wrong and so now it's just this beautiful sludge. Stop that i'm still let's see if i can get anything out here. Yeah at probably hard to see but this is wonderful sludgy gunk inside G12 Coolant.

g12 coolant

G12 Coolant flushed all out i put distilled water in did all that but i'm. Still doing periodic pink coolant lodges and they're still coming out looking. So it's just it's kind of like this opaque orangish color and I'm sure that. This pink stuff is still picking up all the dunk that's inside my engine around. My engine cooling system so be careful forward to putting your car because. They're you know the manufacturer tells you to put certain ones in for a reason.

G12 Coolant Introduction

Okay i'm here to tell you about the G12 Coolant. Deck and the g13 deck i am going to do a. Review on both like a mixture kind of. Thing but um the G12 Coolant deck I'll start. With this one it as you can see it. Doesn't it has an X a 5-ply deck so it. Looks like the best but it doesn't have. As much kick like um dips as the g13 oh. And this video is sort of like a. Comparison kind of thing interview but. Um each kick both kicks are medium and. Um the dips are not as big as this thing. Already said that but um and then this.

  • One doesn't have concave but it doesn't. Really affect me I could so do true well. And then um this is also a 5-ply deck. The g13 and when I notice it's it. Shorter I didn't I never do that it's. It's not as long as the g12 deck this is. The G12 Coolant it's a little bit longer and. Then the g13 is a lot it's like a wide. And short and then this one's long and. Means snack that Phoenix 30 x 29.5 and. Then this one is 32.5 so you know so um. That's what did I say and then um I like.
  • The g13 deck just because I feel like I. Had better control over it because it's. Like if I feel like I've better control. Because each smaller set up and I can. Kind of control my tricks a little more. And um plus it's wider and I feel like I. Can fix all my fix more to the wider. Deck but that's just me you might have a. So I honestly can't tell you that but um. If i were to bite i would buy 1 i'd buy. Them this one because just because it's. They're pretty much the same it's just.
  • This one's kind of new and improved but. I mean I mean it really depends on your. Style and stuff so I'm not the one to. Say we should get this one because it. Looks cooler or something so um that's. Fun pretty sure I'm just going to say um. And then also i'm going to say this but. Honestly I think wheels I don't know you. Can tell me in the comments if you don't. Think this but I think in the wheels it. Is really like the wheels um make your. Performance a little bit better I'm just.
  • Saying this I don't know I feel that it. Is I mean I can do the same tricks it's. Just I feel like I is I think these ig6. Wheels have two colors I blue turquoise. And black on this and then I just have. Tech deck wheels on this one and I I. Mean actually really does affect your. Performance I so you can tell me in the. Comics rate subscribe like do whatever. You want to do um so that's what I gotta. Say see you later

Review G12 Coolant in 2017

Where we going on here my friend. Her friends and ends by Stevens and reason. Fifteen-hour people in I never. Writer where's it from from Germany. Yeah Fiesta read every year something I'm sorry. Are steering fluid this just minutes when we got here. And we have pinku indeed this is like the second one. Don't don't really get its yet I we had to. Measure out the answers in a gallon in.

Just basically had to make a G12 Coolant. Thirteen colonies 72 ounces in this guy. And there is a 128 out-and-out. Basically take it out make the appt makes. And when she Iran's through our make your. Have

In this video to verify the color of green and orange combined just out of. Curiosity because it's a very interesting idea. So here is green mopar three-year antifreeze already mixed two fifty. Percent and they are your five balls floating and your 6th at the bottom so. We're going to pour that into this small G12 Coolant. Ok and we're going to pour that into this one cup container and then we're. Going to clean these things both out we're going to put the orange in ok so. Now here's the red and there's your concentration five balls are floating.

How to buy G12 Coolant?

Even if this is inaccurate shows five balls floating in each one so in G12 Coolant. Specific gravity has to be the same between each at least according to the. Tester now we'll put it in the cup. Now we can put that back in there ok so now we'll start to add it and see what. Happens total waste of antifreeze so i'm not using a lot here Charlie you mix it. Still still looks green put a little more. Now it's looking more red but it's kinda looking Brown actually add some more.

  1. It's nowhere near looking anything close to green if anything it seems like maybe.
  2. I mean the orange dr stronger stronger than the green but it certainly doesn't. So if we had it
  3. Keep your engine safe with pentosin NF. Antifreeze and coolant this patented.
  4. Formula provides a high degree of. Performance durability and carefully.
  5. Balanced protection against temperature.
  6. Extremes rust and corrosion of all. Cooling system metals including aluminum

Ok so we haven't got a G12 Coolant yet and it's starting to look pretty orange this. Is how much we still have left this is an eighth of a cup so let's pour the. Alright so this hasn't looked green for a while and it certainly doesn't look. Green now it looks orange to me i'll pour in the rest of it so now we have. The G12 Coolant mix of green and hoped. Ok so it seems to me that this is orange.

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