I'm gonna set this brain quest stick to a ready little owner. Yeah yeah yeah but what boys. This voice going to get me pregnant . when i get one God creator that got now. Implement a kind I've got everything ok. This number oh this is another 58 that a which food is used to make french fries. What is it it's not exactly a gate number two when you ride a bicycle. What should you always wear on your head high heat and please. In English he is a square has four sighs how many squares in this picture 1 which.

brain quest

One. What is it called. What oh yeah the answer is a potato. I it's got the hot it's a hell that. Mmm sorry no boy yeah once we're a very good you get to the point. Yeah next then mr. number 59. What should you brush in the morning yet been born. Yeah with what do you have to know what do you have to bust today please. Right which blog looks just like the block in the circle which one is exactly. The same as each time i used it this one or that one sack looking. Which aisle is the lime smother it.

Brain Quest Review

And you know the name of the mummy. Yeah that's a very good. The answer is UT in this log and their lungs monies to ship. There we go three boys yeah i got an ex. Ok what's your number 60 then which picture those with h dad oh yeah i'm. Joining our helicopter. Ya get guess what it is hi hai na bole about it which over old or during exam. You are interested in and you know like a third of potable. This is the dirty one clean one good job. Three blinds yeah and start yeah.

Next question almost sixty one then put the bracelet on your wrist which one is. Our wrists. Yes step that then missed this is around your army. How many pieces of pie do you see in this picture right to favor. Five what 1 2 p-5 this is ok mine. I sleep upside down by need a night. I sly away yeah who's that. Yeah I say the answer is that a brace lat. I business but upside a good you owe you three boards and I go next. Yeah it up. You can visit our favorite on this story is all mixed up.

  • Tell it in the right order. I like it did not get that close that with it. Hmm so now how long you you apply the seat and you water them then even in. Their flower. The answer is predicted exactly block the seed and feet like it water them and. Then you can pick the floor sorry. Cool job. Did mr. number 63 who is . 11. Who's that and comes of it and there is pulling was pushing. Hello this is pushing that the private who's running on the leg. This one was going on.
  • Yeah that one eek which button has the same word as the one you see in that. Circle wow you so great. He had this planned already again name the picture which one. Vines was log. No log drives me and that authority.
  • How you do I wanted to really quick show you guys our my first brain quest that. We use to do preschool at home. So the decks come in this little box like this it opens at the top and the my. First drink was comes with this drawstring bag it with the decks fit. Into so you can take it in the car to get to the doctor's appointment or. Whatever and do it on the go. Which is pretty cool it's pretty convenient each brain quest comes with. Two different decks and i'm not sure if this is the way it's supposed to be but.
  • It seems to me that the second deck is a little bit more advanced than the first. Which makes sense. These decks are a little bit slimmer than brain quest normally is but because. The questions and answers are on the same slide the deck starts out with a. Guide for parents how to use it and introduce max was a main character of. This level of brain quest and then each chapter starts off with a full-page. Illustrations like this where it's it's kind of open-ended identifying things in.
  • The room or identifying different objects in the picture and asking what. Are the people doing or can you find X Y Z then there will be several cards with. In that chapter that have to do with that topic so for example this topic is. Getting up and we see max is waking up for the day max is putting on his. Slippers. What is this call its o'clock curtains opening the window. The Sun and then the next chapter is getting dressed and see this is again a. Full-page illustration.

What do you see in Max's closet where has had wear his shoes where do you keep. Your clothes. I know that some people don't really like these brain quest x because some of. The pictures can be an equated or vague. For example the overalls I know that my childhood probably does not really need. To know what overalls are called but there's really not the point of brain. Quest bring was at this level anyway is designed to teach kids new vocabulary. And bring most is meant to start a dialogue start a conversation with your.

How to buy Brain Quest?

Child where you discuss what you see in the pictures and you talk about how that. Applies to their real life and it covers a lot of different things what is this. Called this is a dress. What color is this skirt so you've actually put in two different things in. This picture where maybe I wouldn't even ask that question I would ask my son. What is this in after doing these cards of your times you will tell me that's a. Skirt and then i can ask him what color is that.

And he will tell me it's yellow eventually hopefully these decks team. Comprised mainly of different events throughout the child's day so breakfast. School we already saw getting up here is lunch then at the playground back home. These are the front of the cards but if you flip the deck over there are more. Questions and answers on the back. So in the kitchen bath time bedtime and then I think it starts going into a. Special event so we have the farmers market.

The circus and then we start talking about season so winter. That's Christmas we always skip this car because we don't do santa my house but. You'll run into cards like that card that you don't like cards that you don't. Want to use and that's fine. Skip it these are not I see it all I think each each set that I have with. Somewhere between seven and ten dollars on amazon. I just order them as my my son get older usually order them as a birthday present. For him he really enjoyed doing these we started doing this level when he was two.

Maybe two and a half and my son was nonverbal until he was too. So this really helped him catch up and now he is an extremely articulate clear. Speaker so and I really feel like this help i mean we did a lot of different. Things to try to improve his speech but this was one of the things that I feel. Like it helped. This is back to when it has the same guide for parents in the beginning in. Case you started with this.

The seasons continue this talk is the same way where. It's it's questions and answers on the friend and then just flip it over and. There are more questions and answers on the back. I know that a lot of people have a problem with brain quest because they. Feel that you could do the exact same thing just by having a discussion with. Your child about the pictures that they see in a picture book and that's true I. I don't disagree with that. If you can actually do it and if you can keep your child's interest.

Brain Quest is really good?

My child was not interested in doing that with picture books you you would. Let me ask him a few questions but then he was kind of like mama what are you. Doing I mean story you know. So this became a game for us this is just what we did and when we were doing. This level of brain class I would just sit down with him and we would start. From the beginning. Each time and just go until he got tired of it and as he memorized the vocabulary. And he memorized these questions i would start a little bit further in every time.

Until eventually he had the entire decks memorized. They haven't started doing this with my almost two year old yet they asked him a. Few questions. The other day and he he just was not really that interested in it and I don't. Know if it's gonna be that he's just he doesn't like it the way that my first. Son like that or if he's just not ready I'm not sure if you're looking for. Something to help build vocabulary and something that kind of facilitate.

Discussions and a dialogue with your child. To help them with their speech to help them with the their vocabulary. I think bringing class is absolutely excellent. I hope that if you were kind of on the fans that this is helpful to you. They know that when i was looking at buying it I had a hard time finding out. You know what kind of questions are they going to ask like how does it work. I couldn't find really preview anywhere so i hope this is helpful for other.

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