Alright we gotta 2015 maserati we did. 15% Window Tint all-around thing looks pretty. Need to understanding in Columbus. Georgia area be sure to give me a call. Or text i'll be sure to follow me on. Facebook Instagram and subscribe to the.

15 window tint

Hey whats up guys today just wanted to shoot a super quick video on my Windows. 10 i just got done did 15% Window Tint all around with the window stroke actually. Couple weeks ago actually I'm just not getting around shooting it because I. Ordered a new camera and I wanted to wait until a new camera came in the mail. To make another video on the inside here so it looks from the inside. See ya not too dark i think it's about just right in the daytime it looks great. And it's enough to help keep the Sun from coming into the car too bright.

15% Window Tint Introduction

Especially the strip up and up on top keep you from having to use this all the 15% Window Tint. Time and you can still see through it see ya guys super quick video today. Nothing too special but definitely stay tuned for my next video because tomorrow. I've got my cat back exhaust coming in the mail so we'll be installing that. Tomorrow but we coming up really soon as you can probably see I've got my stock. Exhaust already taken off so i'm going to do is throw the new one on my stock.

Catback is sitting in the garage right now to figure out what i want to do with 15% Window Tint. Yeah since the stock exhaust off the might as well start it up and you guys. Hear what it sounds like without any exhaust on so this is gonna be straight. From the headers and the catalytic converters. Definitely allowed without the exalt. I've heard about video before and I swear it doesn't do justice at all like. It's a blistering loud you guys any guesses on what catback system i might.

How to choose 15% Window Tint?

Be installing 15% Window Tint. Leave your comment below and be fun out here shortly thanks for watching guys. What's going on YouTube smooth well it's. 115 here and do a little product review. On the lex am can't that I used so the. Back has an attempt suicide has 20 now. Yes 20 and 35 upfront my little dirty. From the outside from yesterday but. Here's the inside I didn't do the.

  • Greatest job just 15% Window Tint was someone's going.
  • Down and I didn't realize how much dirt.
  • Was in my heels because this is for my.
  • Old mud trucks so here's a difference.
  • This is stock versus than 30 i mean the. 20 honestly the 20 things a little dim.

And it scratches really easy with the 15% Window Tint. Blades that they provided i learned that. Real quick and I didn't do the greatest. Job i'm not a tender I'm a vinyl decal. Fire tense a lot different plus these. Windows are really beat up and scratched. Up tore up just from off roading so much. And you can tell the difference. This is stalking the back and that's 35. Upfront honestly not much difference. It's almost about the same so stockings. Like 35 on the so only reason why you.

Intended them is to give me little tune. Up front and my son something in the 15% Window Tint. Back the back is going to get limited I. Did what are some 5% lame attempt of. Because I want to have my systems don't. People looking then do I hate what he. But yeah that's my lower of you can show. You what it looks like actually. Came in roles was thirty dollars for. Three different roles is 54 some bad. Guys left us with some 20 and I got some. Mom 35 left as well but it came with a. Bunch of tools which what I did look but.

The tools were you know obviously the 15% Window Tint. Screeches stuff and they were real hard. I did buy out a tent kit and it came. With the squeegee that was a lot better. As a soft tip it's that's my little of. Your lesson and militants from amazon as

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